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Charles Kreische

November 16, 2017

So far I’ve photographed six awesome singers playing “Alfred” through the years, but I noticed that there was only one “Herbert” as far as I know of my customers careers!  So I was very happy that I had the honor to also meet and portray the reigning “Herbert” of this years production of “Tanz der Vampire”  – Charles Kreische, a handsome, very young singer/actor who has just finished his training at the Joop van den Ende Academy in Hamburg.

I got to know him as a very polite, kind person, so it was easy to get along really well. Although this has been his first personal photoshoot, he did a very good job and I enjoyed that afternoon very much.

I absolutely have to watch the show when there’s finally some time left, as I am curious now to see him on stage too! If you want to know more about Charlie, please also visit his facebook-page, where you can even watch a video of his transformation to a beautiful blonde vampire.

As it was getting colder and colder outside I simply took my studio-equippment with me to the Ronacher, although I also shot many photos there with natural light only. We thankfully got permission to use this awesome building as a shooting location, because we both love those gray structured concrete walls, and even took some pictures outside at the roof-terrace.

Shooting on location is also much more interesting for me as a photographer than working in a studio – finding solutions for different light situations, exploring the city or using structured or painted walls in flats or houses is so much more fun!

And here are more of my favorite pictures of that day – enjoy! 🙂

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Musicalfest 2016

September 24, 2016

I decided to make a short blogpost for all the people who could not be at the Raimundtheater in Vienna today, and also for those who want to look at some pictures of today’s “MUSICALFEST”. 😉


Like in previous years there has been a built a big stage on the street right next to the Raimundtheater and the show programme was shown three times. This year’s singers were Ana Milva Gomes, Marjan Shaki, Drew Sarich and Oedo Kuipers.

The Songs:
“Einladung zum Ball” (Tanz der Vampire) – Drew Sarich,  “Wenn ich tanzen will” (Elisabeth) – Ana and Oedo, “Gold von den Sternen” (Mozart) – Ana, “Wie wird man seinen Schatten los” (Mozart) – Oedo, “High flying adored” (Evita) – Marjan and Drew, “Don’t cry for me, Argentinia” (Evita) – Marjan.


Of course there was also a lot to see inside the theatre – three songs of the new musical “Schikaneder” have been performed by the original cast – Premiere will be next Friday, Sept. 30th at the Raimundtheater. Tickets are available here. As I’m going to watch the full show next week, I decided I’d better wait until then. 😉

If you want to look at more photos or have some prints, please go to my website => shop – there you can find more. And here’s also the usual slide show of some of the available photos!

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More Vampires! :-)

February 16, 2012

I know, I already have a lot of vampire-pictures. 🙂 Let me think. A few of Gernot Romic, then the session in the cellar, another one at my studio with some props, but vampires never get boring, so here are once again photos at my studio, but more neutral ones which is more my style, although I love the older photos too, I had the feeling that I should use my studio as long as I still have it. So today’s models have been Manuel Stoff, currently playing at “Ich war noch niemals in New York”, but he also was Cover “Alfred” in Hamburg some years ago and Ensemble in “Tanz der Vampire” and still had his fake-teeth. 🙂 Pretty cool, as those were made by a dentist. In this blogpost you can see portraits I took of him last week. Didn’t know Manuel before, but he did a good job at both shoots. 🙂

The female model was Jennifer Csyz, who is also working as dancer, actress and singer. I already know her since some years and we took photos two times before, so I knew she would look great on the pictures, Jenny is very photogenic.

The beautiful make up and hair was done by Karli, here are also some “behind-the-scenes”-photos!

So thanks to everyone, you all did a great job, and I really like the result! And I’m sure this wasn’t my last vampire shoot. 🙂

Here’s my favorite photo with a very different editing than usual which came from a not so perfect technique while shooting this picture here, but I really loved Manuel & Jenny ‘s expression on this photo, so I tried to make the best out of it. And loved it. 🙂

Actually I edited many photos in a different way than I usually do, but I think it works with those pictures.

And here’s my second favorite photo (and also Manuel’s favorite):

More photos in the slideshow below –  enjoy!  Also feel free to leave a comment below!

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Aris Sas

February 13, 2012

At the beginning of November 2011 I have been in Luzern (CH). What a beautiful town! I went there to watch the musical “Hair”. Markus Neugebauer – I already photographed him and his band “freiraum5” – played “Berger”, and Aris Sas was “Claude”, both of them as well as the ensemble did a good job!

Aris  is a remarkably talented actor  and has the most amazing speaking voice I’ve heard until now – as a musical singer he’s very well known anyway as he has been the first “Alfred” in “Tanz der Vampire”. I already “know” Aris since more than 15 years, that’s why I also know how much he does NOT like being photographed (although you’ll find THAT out very quickly ;-)). So I felt very honored (and still do) that I got Aris’ permission and trust to take photos of him. Though the conditions really weren’t the best: First of all I had taken the night-train (because there are always problems with my photo-equipment at the airports…) to Luzern, so I’ve slept about 30 minutes altogether and was really tired. Secondly, Aris got lots of PR for the show to do, besides playing one of the main characters in the evenings, still exhausted from the rehearsals; anyway he had the patience to meet me for pictures between a radio-interview (outside of Luzern) and the show. THEN it started to get dark (thank goodness I had transportable flashlights with me!), AND he had to be in the theatre in time.

So shooting was kind of stressful for me, because I usually take about two hours of time as the model needs some time to get relaxed, especially if he/she doesn’t like being photographed. Then we need to find the best pose, the best light, a good background that fits the model’s hair/colors/clothes/… and the right angle for the person’s face, all this needs time. Either time, or you need to know someone well, be experienced, really lucky and have a photogenic model that trusts the photographer. Although I don’t know very much about Aris – compared to others I’ve photographed, or those I already know about the same amount of time – I really appreciate Aris a lot. I like honesty, earnestness, straightforwardness. Someone who tells me what’s ok and what’s not for him/her. Those are all character traits that – for me- are easy to work with. And I love love love the hair! 🙂
I’m very grateful that through photography I got chances like this, working with such talented people. And I want to take more pictures!!!

This urge to take more and more photos of a person I find truly interesting sometimes is incredible, and actually painful if I don’t get the chance to finish what had just started with taking pictures for, I don’t know – one or two hours? Sometimes this isn’t enough at all, sometimes even two full days are not enough. That doesn’t mean I’m not happy with the result of the first pictures we took. Far from it! Actually I can describe this more as a kind of addiction which can make me very very happy, but is killing me later. Like taking away  a kid’s toy…Nevertheless I can’t help wanting this…stopping photography at all and closing my eyes to all the beauty in the world would be the only solution.

In cases like this one I’d really really love to take more photos, finding out how different someone can look. Sometimes people change a lot during a photoshoot, I don’t know if the person really changes, or if it’s just me who sees the person in a different (most of the time more beautiful) way with getting to know them. Probably it’s a mix of both? I can’t tell afterwards. And I wish I could show people who are really fighting against themselves, how beautiful they are. Unfortunately I can’t do more than showing them my point of view – their own beauty – through my pictures – I think that’s a great thing, but I wish it would be enough.

Aris, thanks again for your time, it was a pleasure,  and I hope everybody else likes the pictures as much as I do. Ok, enough of the talking, here are my favorite photos – enjoy! 🙂

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Manuel Stoff

February 8, 2012

This week Manuel Stoff was at my studio for portraits.  So funny! :-) This is already the FIFTH (Ex-)-”Tanz-der-Vampire”-”Alfred” I have portrayed! And every one of those five was really nice, and all very handsome guys. ;-) So shooting is even more fun then. 😉

After a somehow difficult beginning and a short break everything turned out fine and we got some really nice pictures. It was great working with Manuel – it’s always exciting getting to know new people, I like that a lot, that’s one of the good parts of my job! But I’d so love to know how Manuel sings – I haven’t heard him until now and also couldn’t find anything on youtube. 😦

Well, I hope you like the pictures and the slideshow – feel free to leave a comment below!

This is my favorite photo of Manuel (I think..?)

And here’s the slideshow – enjoy!

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Melanie Ortner

July 5, 2011

Some time ago I had the pleasure to photograph Melanie Ortner, and as “Tanz der Vampire” is over, I thought it may be a good idea to post those photos now. Actually I already “know” Melanie since she was a student at the Performing Center Austria years ago, but never met her personally, though I really liked her when she was playing “Magda” in “Tanz der Vampire”. 🙂 So I was very pleased when she asked me for photos. Melanie is really cute, she seems to be a very happy person, so it was easy to get nice and funny photos of her! What a pity she’s back to Hamburg now, but I’m sure she enjoys it. 😉 But it’s always sad if a great show ends and part of the cast is leaving Vienna. 😦

So here’s the slideshow – have a look at some of the photos I took with Melanie!

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Sebastian Smulders

July 2, 2011

Now that “Tanz der Vampire” is over, Sebastian Smulders decided to let me take new photos of him, so we were shooting outdoors on Monday (no studio photos!). I really wish we’d had more time. I would have loved to shoot more often, I would have loved to know what other pictures we would have gotten with more time, on another day. We already shot a bit longer than I usually do, and got a lot of good photos, but I’m so curious about all the photos we didn’t take, photos we could have taken with more time. With some people one shooting just isn’t enough, even if it took three to four hours. Sebastian is one of those people, although we already met before and talked, but I think there’s still more potential to get even cooler photos. I hope I get the chance another time, if he’s playing in Vienna again, who knows? It’s ridiculous and annoying at the same time: Sebastian already played in “Frühlings Erwachen” and later then in “Tanz der Vampire” for I don’t know how long – two years?! And I never got that strong urge to take his photos?! It’s a shame!

And it’s surprising again and again how much more fascinating people become when you start getting to know someone! And that’s why I totally love taking portraits – how somebody’s look is changing with the time, when a great character is influencing my view and shows me more beauty. So this must be the reason why I absolutely want to take more photos of Sebastian now: He really is one of the good guys – positive, open-minded from the beginning and making others feel comfortable (actually this should have been my job – making people feel relaxed while we’re shooting), just someone you immediately trust. So it was a pleasure working with him. Sebastian loves photography too and also showed me some of his work. We talked a lot and it was a very funny day – ok, with one unforeseen occurence – we were shooting next to the TU Wien, and suddenly there were many fire engines and police cars around, and even a car for decontamination! Something had happened in a chemistry lab there, so unfortunately we couldn’t shoot at one wall which looked perfect for photos from the distance, but we found other possibilities anyway. 😉 It was a tough decision which photos I should put in this blogpost as there are so many cool ones, but I hope you like my choice and our work. So here’s the slideshow, enjoy it!

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