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Daniela Harbauer

February 15, 2018

Daniela Harbauer, © Isabell Schatz

I already photographed Dana Harbauer some years ago in my studio. As she is an awesome dancer and has a very beautiful body, we also took some dance photos besides portraits back then – in case you’d like to see them, you can either go to my own website or visit Dana’s website.

Actually I “know” Dana already since she was in school (PCA) because of her outstanding dancing, so I was looking forward to meet her little family now too! This time Dana needed new portraits after the baby break, as she is planning to go back to working as a dancer and singer again.

Daniela Harbauer, © Isabell Schatz

As it has turned out to be very helpful having ALL of the wardrobe close enough and being able to change the outfits, we took Dana’s portraits at her home. It worked out totally fine shooting her portraits in the living room, as I of course have brought my professional studio equipment with me and we had some fun. :-)

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Iris Nussbaum

October 23, 2016


Last week I had the pleasure getting to know actress Iris Nussbaum, a lovely young, beautiful girl who has finished studying at the Schauspielschule Krauss this year, so I enjoyed taking her portraits a lot and I hope they will help her finding great jobs on TV or in movies!


During a shoot there’s always that one special moment where everything turns out to be perfect, and I just love these exciting minutes! In this case:


But of course there are many pictures I like a lot, so just enjoy the slideshow below. 😉



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Verena Schweng

February 19, 2016

Finally I’ve had enough time do some portrait shoots again! Even if it was quite cold (and even wet that day) actress/singer VERENA SCHWENG was brave enough to book an outdoor shoot this January!


We were very lucky with the light, as the sun was kind enough to twinkle through the cloudy sky, which wasn’t bad for portraits either, though I would have been happier if the drizzling rain had stopped a bit earlier. Nevertheless we got some nice, quite colorful shots under or without different roofs! 😉


Verena is a very open-minded and cheerful, strong woman, so I had a lot of fun taking her photos; and after that we went for a coffee/tea and went on with talking! 🙂


Thank you very much for the beautiful afternoon, Verena! I hope my photos will help getting great jobs – and when Verena’s new website is online, I’ll let you know! Until then I hope you enjoy watching the slideshow below and look at the photos we took!

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Leonie-Carolina Adam

July 29, 2013


Definitely TOO hot outside!
Anyway Leonie-Carolina Adam was brave enough to book a photoshoot, so we walked through the 1st district to take some photos! She did a very good job with not sweating (saved lots of time for retouching *g*),  and is a photogenic, beautiful girl with great eyecolor and amazing hair (oh, I wish I’d have her hair!!). We found some nice places for pictures – please scroll down to see our work!

Leonie-Carolina seems to be very talented, as she is only 19 and already passed the official actors examination, so I’m curious to see her sing and play and dance too! It was a great time shooting with her, her own website will be online again in autumn, I hope I remember posting the link here – in between please enjoy the photos below!

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Marion Rottenhofer

May 14, 2013


In April I had the pleasure to meet actress Marion Rottenhofer, a beautiful woman! If you want to find out more about Marion, please have a look at her Website.


Unfortunately the weather was too bad to shoot outdoors, so we had to find a location indoors, and as Marion was rehearsing for “Die Zofen”, a play in “Neue Tribüne Wien” we got the chance to take photos there.


Wonderful idea; I always love to shoot in theatres, as it combines my two favourite things! 🙂
We found nice backgrounds for portraits, but have a look yourself!

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Julia Jelinek

November 22, 2012

Actually I’m not doing jobs right now, so this shoot really was an exception, because I was planning to do an exam this week, but for health reasons I had to postpone it to December. If I’m available for shoots in general, you’ll find that information on my website, probably in April and August 2013, but we’ll see. 😉

I’ve already taken photos of Julia two times, you can find photos of those shoots on Julia’s website. We once again found great backgrounds for portraits in and around Julia’s house! For November we were very lucky with the weather and Julia is very cold-resistant!  Although the sun was shining it was cold enough for shooting portraits outdoor: 11 ° C!

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Daniela Moser

November 17, 2012

At the end of September I had the pleasure to take photos of actress Daniela Moser again, already for the third time, and once again it was very nice! We walked around the Theater an der Wien and were really lucky, because the weather was perfect during the shoot, and when we went to a café later (so Daniela could choose the photos she’d like to have) a very heavy rain started. If you want to find out more about Daniela, HERE’s the link to her website, the portraits in her website’s gallery are from the previous two shoots and also from the one this blogpost is about.

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