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Charles Kreische

November 16, 2017

So far I’ve photographed six awesome singers playing “Alfred” through the years, but I noticed that there was only one “Herbert” as far as I know of my customers careers!  So I was very happy that I had the honor to also meet and portray the reigning “Herbert” of this years production of “Tanz der Vampire”  – Charles Kreische, a handsome, very young singer/actor who has just finished his training at the Joop van den Ende Academy in Hamburg.

I got to know him as a very polite, kind person, so it was easy to get along really well. Although this has been his first personal photoshoot, he did a very good job and I enjoyed that afternoon very much.

I absolutely have to watch the show when there’s finally some time left, as I am curious now to see him on stage too! If you want to know more about Charlie, please also visit his facebook-page, where you can even watch a video of his transformation to a beautiful blonde vampire.

As it was getting colder and colder outside I simply took my studio-equippment with me to the Ronacher, although I also shot many photos there with natural light only. We thankfully got permission to use this awesome building as a shooting location, because we both love those gray structured concrete walls, and even took some pictures outside at the roof-terrace.

Shooting on location is also much more interesting for me as a photographer than working in a studio – finding solutions for different light situations, exploring the city or using structured or painted walls in flats or houses is so much more fun!

And here are more of my favorite pictures of that day – enjoy! 🙂

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Peter Knauder, IV

October 26, 2017

I already know Peter since 2011, so this September we took photos for the already fourth time – and this shooting should mean a lot more to me later than I expected on that day. A big thank you to Peter again for that afternoon – you’re awesome!

If you want to look at the photos we took in 2011 too, please click on this link and scroll down there.

Peter was very excited about the shoot and got tons of ideas for what to wear – and I’m always astounded by the creativity of his wardrobe choices, and they sometimes also make me smile. 🙂 So it’s always a pleasure working with him. Actually it’s more like playing and trying things, and that’s what I especially love about photography.

Peter also is very committed to fitness training, so of course we tried to make his already perfect body look best. Lots of skin and muscles this time and more of a fashion-style than in the portrait work I usually do, so I hope you enjoy the photos too!

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Linda Fischer

September 7, 2016


In August I had the pleasure to get to know Linda Fischer, a very nice, natural girl with supercool blue eyes! At the moment she’s a student at the “Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität” here in Vienna, starting her last year very soon. 🙂

Although it should have been raining at least part of the shooting-day we were very lucky with the weather, so we could walk around, talk and take some pictures. On our way we found an awesome red wall, and as Linda had a perfectly matching lipstick with her, it worked out so well!


I hope my photos will help Linda to get great jobs and I’m looking forward to see her on stage very soon.

Here’s the slideshow!


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Florian Resetarits II

August 24, 2016

Florian and I already took photos three years ago, in case you want to look at the old pictures – HERE you can find the other blogpost.


This time the weather was finally perfect! 🙂 So we walked around in Vienna and tried to find photogenic places. As Florian basically is a classical singer, he needed photos with a tailcoat and later then a jacket, a kind of style that is just perfect for him!


If you want to see Florian on stage, at the moment he’s playing at the Lehár-Festival in Bad Ischl. And now enjoy the slideshow! And if you want to know more about Florian himself, please also visit his website!

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The last shoot in my own studio

March 5, 2012

If you are reading my Facebook-page or my blog regularly, you already know that I decided to close my studio and shoot exclusively outdoor or on location for the next years. I made two slideshow-videos to show some examples, if you’re interested, please watch them on my website.

At the end of February I’ve had my last studio-session and I’m very happy that I got another chance to take photos of someone I appreciate a lot and just love to photograph: Aris Sas. And I swear I could see some excitement there too during the shoot, what makes me smile even more, considering Aris usually does not like being photographed. 😉

So this was a very beautiful ending of my studio-career, although Aris once again did not give me enough time… *sigh* But I’m grateful for every minute of course, as it wasn’t sure we would take photos at all, that day. We got some beautiful shots, agreed on a very classical portrait light/style, which looked amazing with Aris’ edgy face (great jawline!) and how the light was caught in his curly hair.

Most of the pictures are how I know Aris’ face already – what I like a lot and what’s also good to have for Aris of course, but the more interesting stuff is coming later, always. There are photos you will only get after some time of working with someone. You might discover something new, see a person differently, or perhaps the person is changing? I still don’t know. Doris Fuhrmann, a well known manager for actors/singers described exactly this really sweet when I asked her to write a line about my work for the “clients & sentiments”-section of my website:

“Isabell Schatz liebt Schauspieler und das merkt man in ihrer Arbeit. Sie schaut genau und entdeckt manchmal auch ganz neue, aufregende Seiten bei Künstlern.”

– but this takes time, if that happens at all. It started to be like that in the shooting with Aris after a while: Having the weird feeling that you see someone you don’t know, an expression that never appeared on that person in front of you, which leads to very interesting photos, most of the time that’s a good thing, though I’m still not sure about those last photos before we had to stop. Aris likes them, so it’s fine with me. But I wish there would have been more time left to find out more, getting the really extraordinary pictures. Although I’m starting to like that photo too.

And there’s one thing that’s driving me crazy – sitting there, watching Aris, while he scrolls through the pictures at the back of the camera, or talking, and looking incredibly gorgeous. But as soon as I raise the camera, getting some distance to being able to shoot, everything has changed again  –  the same thing only occurred with one other person too so extreme, a very pretty female dancer –  and I still haven’t found out what to do in those two cases, I just can’t catch that special beauty I saw seconds before, so I always have the bad feeling that I’m still not doing them justice although I like the pictures…besides enjoying to shoot with them that’s perhaps another reason why I want to go on and on. Because I know that’s not the absolutely best I can give to them, because I see more. More than what’s on the photos.

Well, I hope I get the chance another time (I know that’s very demanding…), shooting outdoors/on location might be easier especially for Aris (and perhaps also for the girl I was talking about). Or shooting such a long time that people are really forgetting that the camera is there too? Getting them distracted with something else they enjoy to do? I think, or better, hope, that this is the solution, and I absolutely need to try that.

So here’s my favorite photo of that shoot:

I hope you like the new photos as much as I do, please feel free to leave comments below, and now enjoy the slideshow!

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Manuel Stoff

February 8, 2012

This week Manuel Stoff was at my studio for portraits.  So funny! :-) This is already the FIFTH (Ex-)-”Tanz-der-Vampire”-”Alfred” I have portrayed! And every one of those five was really nice, and all very handsome guys. ;-) So shooting is even more fun then. 😉

After a somehow difficult beginning and a short break everything turned out fine and we got some really nice pictures. It was great working with Manuel – it’s always exciting getting to know new people, I like that a lot, that’s one of the good parts of my job! But I’d so love to know how Manuel sings – I haven’t heard him until now and also couldn’t find anything on youtube. 😦

Well, I hope you like the pictures and the slideshow – feel free to leave a comment below!

This is my favorite photo of Manuel (I think..?)

And here’s the slideshow – enjoy!

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News for 2012 and a winner!

January 1, 2012

First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

As I’m always grateful for people who are passing my name on to others who might need photos of themselves, I decided to give away a PORTRAIT-PHOTOSHOOT FOR FREE at the end of 2011! So I asked every customer who told him/her to let ME take his/her photos – and the name I have heard the most will get a free photoshoot! Unfortunately there were more people who brought the same amount of jobs for me this year, so I had to choose one of those. As I know that one of those already sent some of his colleagues to me in 2010, it is PAUL MARESCH who is going to get the free portrait shoot! Congratulations, and of course thanks to everyone who recommended me to his/her colleagues and friends! Please do so in 2012 too!

If you want to know who Paul is, here’s his casting video – as he doesn’t have a website by now, and here’s my favourite photo of the last shoot with him:

As this “competition” was kind of interesting for me too, I decided to give YOU the chance to win a portrait-photoshoot at the end of 2012 again – and no, not only customers can win – everyone who is recommending me has the chance to win the free photoshoot at the end of 2012, so start now! 😉

Though there will be changes in 2012. As you have perhaps already read on my facebook-site I decided to cancel the contract of my studio, this means that there will only be a few studio-shoot-dates available in 2012 – one in January and some at the middle/end of February, so if you want studio portraits, you should book very soon.  From March on only outdoor-shoots will be possible, which actually shouldn’t be a problem because many agencies for actors like natural photos taken outdoors and several actors specifically asked for “only-outdoor-photos” this year.

Examples for those shootings are the photos of Charlotte Krempl, Sebastian Smulders and also some of those pictures in the blogpost before this one – the photos of Pia  Baresch, Lutz Standop, Julia Jelinek, Franziska Hackl, Paul Maresch and Julia Kronenberg were only taken outdoors, we didn’t even go to my studio. If the light and the weather are good for photos I really like to shoot outdoors as it is much more diversified, although I also like studio photography with a controlled environment a lot too. But if you are shooting outdoors you don’t even need a special environment, the only thing you need to have is a starting point – nearly everywhere can be found a great background which is perfect for photos, of course it helps if the photographer or the model knows the surroundings, but very often it’s inspiring to just walk around and find great places while walking around, also good for getting to know your model better. And I’m always glad that actors never mind changing their clothes outdoors! That simplifies shooting a lot when you don’t have to look for a restaurant or café first where my model can change! 🙂

Some asked why I’m canceling my studio contract. The answer is simple – it won’t be profitable any longer, as I’ve decided to go (back) to university in October 2011 to study pharmaceutics. There are several reasons – most of them private – why I made this decision, and I still don’t know if I want to write those reasons down here, I just know that I can’t go on like this forever. I love photography, but sometimes I hate it as much as I love it at the same time – for what it’s doing to me. Sometimes taking photos of someone is like an addiction, I MUST DO IT, even though it might hurt a lot later – and stopping it in a long term view is simply self-protection. Yes, that sounds dramatically – and of course it’s not always like that!!! – but my best friends know how much I’ve struggled for many years whether going on with photography or quitting it. There are more personal reasons, and also the business-part of being self-employed is another thing I don’t like a lot, so in some years I will prefer to work for someone else instead of having to take care of EVERYTHING myself for sure.

But don’t worry, pharmaceutics is a very difficult field of study, so it will take some years – until then I will work as a photographer – at least kind of “part time”, which means shoot dates will depend on my university schedule and exams, and without my own studio, but then I also didn’t have a studio two years ago ;-). I will also try to get some more wedding-photography-jobs, so if you are getting married in 2012 or know someone, here’s my website for wedding photography! 

I hope my plans will work out, to go to university AND be a photographer for some more years. Thanks to all my customers of 2011 (please go on recommending me!) – let’s all have a wonderful 2012 with many beautiful pictures, a lot of creativity and of course and most important much fun! 🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🙂