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Iris Nussbaum

October 23, 2016


Last week I had the pleasure getting to know actress Iris Nussbaum, a lovely young, beautiful girl who has finished studying at the Schauspielschule Krauss this year, so I enjoyed taking her portraits a lot and I hope they will help her finding great jobs on TV or in movies!


During a shoot there’s always that one special moment where everything turns out to be perfect, and I just love these exciting minutes! In this case:


But of course there are many pictures I like a lot, so just enjoy the slideshow below. 😉



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News for 2012 and a winner!

January 1, 2012

First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

As I’m always grateful for people who are passing my name on to others who might need photos of themselves, I decided to give away a PORTRAIT-PHOTOSHOOT FOR FREE at the end of 2011! So I asked every customer who told him/her to let ME take his/her photos – and the name I have heard the most will get a free photoshoot! Unfortunately there were more people who brought the same amount of jobs for me this year, so I had to choose one of those. As I know that one of those already sent some of his colleagues to me in 2010, it is PAUL MARESCH who is going to get the free portrait shoot! Congratulations, and of course thanks to everyone who recommended me to his/her colleagues and friends! Please do so in 2012 too!

If you want to know who Paul is, here’s his casting video – as he doesn’t have a website by now, and here’s my favourite photo of the last shoot with him:

As this “competition” was kind of interesting for me too, I decided to give YOU the chance to win a portrait-photoshoot at the end of 2012 again – and no, not only customers can win – everyone who is recommending me has the chance to win the free photoshoot at the end of 2012, so start now! 😉

Though there will be changes in 2012. As you have perhaps already read on my facebook-site I decided to cancel the contract of my studio, this means that there will only be a few studio-shoot-dates available in 2012 – one in January and some at the middle/end of February, so if you want studio portraits, you should book very soon.  From March on only outdoor-shoots will be possible, which actually shouldn’t be a problem because many agencies for actors like natural photos taken outdoors and several actors specifically asked for “only-outdoor-photos” this year.

Examples for those shootings are the photos of Charlotte Krempl, Sebastian Smulders and also some of those pictures in the blogpost before this one – the photos of Pia  Baresch, Lutz Standop, Julia Jelinek, Franziska Hackl, Paul Maresch and Julia Kronenberg were only taken outdoors, we didn’t even go to my studio. If the light and the weather are good for photos I really like to shoot outdoors as it is much more diversified, although I also like studio photography with a controlled environment a lot too. But if you are shooting outdoors you don’t even need a special environment, the only thing you need to have is a starting point – nearly everywhere can be found a great background which is perfect for photos, of course it helps if the photographer or the model knows the surroundings, but very often it’s inspiring to just walk around and find great places while walking around, also good for getting to know your model better. And I’m always glad that actors never mind changing their clothes outdoors! That simplifies shooting a lot when you don’t have to look for a restaurant or café first where my model can change! 🙂

Some asked why I’m canceling my studio contract. The answer is simple – it won’t be profitable any longer, as I’ve decided to go (back) to university in October 2011 to study pharmaceutics. There are several reasons – most of them private – why I made this decision, and I still don’t know if I want to write those reasons down here, I just know that I can’t go on like this forever. I love photography, but sometimes I hate it as much as I love it at the same time – for what it’s doing to me. Sometimes taking photos of someone is like an addiction, I MUST DO IT, even though it might hurt a lot later – and stopping it in a long term view is simply self-protection. Yes, that sounds dramatically – and of course it’s not always like that!!! – but my best friends know how much I’ve struggled for many years whether going on with photography or quitting it. There are more personal reasons, and also the business-part of being self-employed is another thing I don’t like a lot, so in some years I will prefer to work for someone else instead of having to take care of EVERYTHING myself for sure.

But don’t worry, pharmaceutics is a very difficult field of study, so it will take some years – until then I will work as a photographer – at least kind of “part time”, which means shoot dates will depend on my university schedule and exams, and without my own studio, but then I also didn’t have a studio two years ago ;-). I will also try to get some more wedding-photography-jobs, so if you are getting married in 2012 or know someone, here’s my website for wedding photography! 

I hope my plans will work out, to go to university AND be a photographer for some more years. Thanks to all my customers of 2011 (please go on recommending me!) – let’s all have a wonderful 2012 with many beautiful pictures, a lot of creativity and of course and most important much fun! 🙂 HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🙂


Two new websites, a competition and an exhibition!

February 4, 2011

Wow, long time passed since my last blog-entry…! Perhaps I should post more often and not wait until there are four topics in one blogpost. 🙂 I already have sooo many pictures I could publish but didn’t have the time until now. Well, this has to wait again, here are the latest news – if you are visiting my Website regularly you already know part of those news – but not everything!! 😉

nr. 1)
Exhibition at Raiffeisenbank Lenzing – “Papergirl & Plasticboy”:
Thanks to Raiffeisenbank Lenzing for showing my photos and posting a link and information about me on their Website!
Here are  some (really bad) photos I took with my (old!!) mobile phone:

nr. 2)
As I’m always grateful for people who are passing my name on to other people who might need photos of themselves, I thought I give away a portrait-photoshoot for free at the end of 2011! Every customer will be asked who told him/her to let ME take his/her photos – the name I hear the most will get the free photoshoot! 🙂

nr. 3)
I decided to build an extra website for wedding photography, here it is:

nr. 4)
As I mostly take photos of singers, dancers and actors I decided to build a website called ““, which should help theatres, producers, directors,… finding artists as well as artists getting jobs or information about castings if the website is big enough, so theatres,.. will hopefully send their casting-ads to me.

EVERYONE who wants to be part of my new website just send me an e-mail with the required information about yourself (, btw, for those who are afraid there’s too much information published – you can decide yourself what information you want to write into your CV of course! This website and my work is FOR FREE in this case, so just use this source of PR too. 😉