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“The last five years”

August 18, 2011

“The last five years” is a sweet, little musical – I already watched it some years ago (in the “stage”-section of my website you can find some photos with Rob Fowler and Caroline Frank as Jamie and Cathy).

Now the “Vienna Theatre Project” is going to show that musical too, so yesterday we took the photos for the posters, press & PR. It was a fun with all those people: Singer/actress Bettina Bogdany and Markus C. Ender (our male model for the shoot), director Joanna Godwin-Seidl and producer Sarah K. Hayes were in my studio. We wanted to take different versions of a couple – when they are in love and when they are already kind of sad, going to split up, as the musical is about love, passion, breakup, relationship. Bettina is going to play Cathy, her Jamie will be Trevor Jary. Premiere will be on October 4th, Theater Drachengasse. Come and watch the show! But first have a look at the photos. 😉

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Charlotte Krempl

August 12, 2011

Yesterday I had the pleasure to take photos of a very pretty young actress – Charlotte Krempl. She just finished actingschool and is playing in Laxenburg right now.

We walked around in the 8th district and found some nice places to shoot. We were really lucky, it wasn’t raining that day! There are always people around commenting when I’m shooting with someone, also this time, and a lot of people were staring at her, one guy even turned around again. 🙂 Taking Charlotte’s photos was really easy and I think we got some nice ones, just have a look at the slideshow!

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GOOD MEN – Jesus Christ Superstar, Drew Sarich and Rasmus Borkowski :-)

February 25, 2011

Finally I got the chance to do a job for a company I always wanted to work with: Vereinigte Bühnen Wien! I like photography, but I love musicals. 🙂 Since I first saw “Elisabeth” in 1993 with Pia Douwes and Uwe Kröger I loooove it! And since then I wanted to have a job that has to do with musicals, singing, acting, dancing, theatre, costumes, light, great make-up, music,… and, well, taking photos of those gifted people was somehow close to what I wanted, though my first choice would have been dresser in a musical. 🙂 Tried this years later, and it was great! Funny job! Would do it again.

Anyway, now I’m a photographer and got another cool job that had to do with musical: Taking photos of Drew Sarich for promoting “Jesus Christ Superstar” (Ronacher, April 21st -24th, more information HERE). I’m so so happy I could do my first job for VBW with someone I already knew – I already took photos of Drew for the show “IZ by oliver emanuel” some years ago – he, Dave Moskin and Kyrre Kvam were playing. So I was nervous about shooting such an important job, but it was comforting that Drew was there! I also have to say that my assistant Eva (thanks again!) was very patient holding the boom-lightstand for Drew’s safety, and the creative support of Christina, Monika and of course Drew’s cooperation was really helpful. Thanks to everyone! We worked fast and I think we got some nice results – you can see some of the photos below!

Thanks also to Denise Jastraunig for being test-model for my ideas! Here’s the link to her website – she’s a phantastic singer too:

We took two completely different versions – a rather classic photo with warm light from above and a dirty background as contrast to Drew’s white shirt. It’s hard to get charcoal in winter! baumax only offered 10-kg-bags…! So I  bought some carbon pencils at an artist’s store, made charcoal-crumbles to get my beautiful white studio wall dirty…:-) The second version was a very modern interpretation – the ringlight as Drew’s halo. And when we shot the second variation, Beyoncé’s “halo” was playing at the radio – how funny!!! Drew was sure that this is a sign! 🙂 I edited those photos in different ways, I think my favourite picture is the blue-ish one. I just totally love Drew’s expression on this one, it’s like “Me?! You want ME to die?”, which fits perfectly to the show in my opinion. Tell me which one you think is the best!

And here are also some photos of another gorgeous man: Rasmus Borkowski! Taking photos of him was a lot of fun, actually his was one of my top-3 of my funniest photoshootings! 🙂 As I haven’t published so many photos, especially many of last year, I’ll try to catch up on this. So here are some of the pictures I took of Rasmus!

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Hamburg? Or Berlin? Or BOTH?

February 18, 2011

Last year I was asked if I would be interested in coming to Cologne, to take photos of some singers/dancers/actors, so I went there in April. Actually I wanted to fly, but unfortunately this stupid icelandic volcano changed my plans – I had to take the train as Airberlin cancelled both of my flights. A late night 13-hour-train-journey without sleep, arrival at lunch-time in Cologne and taking pictures at once was really exhausting, but I enjoyed getting to know some new and very nice people! Thanks again to Susanne Ortner and Sarah Schütz who managed all the appointments with their colleagues! 🙂 It was a pleasure! Thanks also to Musicaldome Köln for letting us use the theatre for taking photos – a phantastic location!

Please scroll down to see some of the pictures I took there.

As it was a lot of fun to take photos in Cologne and getting to know the people I photographed there, I decided to make another journey this year – either to Hamburg or perhaps to Berlin, or perhaps even both? Right now I’m planning my trip to Hamburg, I will book as soon as I know if there are enough people interested in new photos taken by me. So if you are living in Hamburg and need new portraits (for auditions, website) or know someone who might need pictures, please e-mail me and I’ll send you more information as soon as I know if/when I’ll be there for sure. I expect to travel to HAMBURG at the end of April, if there are some people in BERLIN who need photos too, don’t hesitate to e-mail me – if there’s enough interest, I guess I’ll come around in May. 🙂

In Vienna I have my own studio, but unfortunately I can’t take ALL of my equipment to Hamburt/Berlin, so I think we should take most of the pictures outside. Last year I took my two little speedlites (strobes usually used on-camera, but can also be used off-camera, though the light is rather harsh for full-body-length-shots then, I wouldn’t REALLY recommend that, though it works if the surrounding is not too dark), so if you need headshots, it’s ok for sure to take the photos somewhere inside (if you have a cool flat or perhaps at a theatre again?), otherwise I would suggest to take photos somewhere outside, I’m sure there will be lots of cool places in Hamburg! Or Berlin too. 😉 If someone definitely needs studio-shots we would have to rent a studio which will increase the costs, but if that’s not a problem, just tell me and I’ll try to find a studio to rent, wherever I’ll be! 🙂

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July 4, 2010

Too many pictures on my website. Definitely. But I also heard that many people like to look at all the photos. What’s the solution? A portfolio AND an archive! And that’s what I did, I put all my photos together and split them up into different categories for my portfolio, all the other photos will be in my archive (I’m going to build it soooon, it’s going to be lots of work, so it takes some time). There wasn’t so much time left the last weeks as I had some photoshoots and to edit lots of pictures. I also made a casting video with Horst Schirmbrand to try out the video-function of my Canon 5 D Mark II, and if I can help someone at the same time… 😉 Perhaps I’ll try to make videos more often, we’ll see, I think it can be fun.

Some time ago Dana Harbauer was at my studio for photos, she’s a phantastic dancer, so we also did some dancing/pointe-shoe-photos, I liked that a lot, Dana can do really cool things and has a wonderful body. The second time I did dancing photos the last month was with Astrid Gollob, another beautiful dancer, we also got some nice shots, scroll down to watch the slideshow of the new pictures!

I also took new photos of Hannes Muik which is always lots of fun! 🙂 We used some left-over plasticfoil of Astrid’s pictures. See what happened!

And there are many new photos of Stefan Reil, have a look at the slideshow.

Many (ex-)students of the “Konservatorium” were here too: Beatrice Forler, Dustin Peters, Konstantin Zander and Martina Lechner (still studying). I also photographed Barbara Wanasek, Farid Halim and my colleagues of my former workplace – HZL Nussdorf, the laboratory for pathology – at least half of them, I’ll be there again to finish my job this week.

Here are some of the new photos, enjoy them and have a look at the rest of my website! 🙂

All photos: © Isabell Schatz – any further usage or publishing prohibited!!!

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