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May 11, 2017

Last Monday I had the pleasure to follow an invitation for a short presentation about the musical “Zorro”, a musical based on the music of the “Gypsy Kings”. The show will be played this summer at Musicalsommer Winzendorf between June 22nd and July 22nd, 2017.

After a short introduction of the main characters and the ensemble by general manager Marika Lichter, some words by the producers Benedikt Karasek and Jerôme Berg three songs were presented:

1) “Baila Me” – Kurosch Abbasi (“Zorro”)
2) “Djobi Djoba” – Franziska Kemna (“Luisa”), Ana Milva Gomes (“Inez”)
3) “Bamboleo” – Ana Milva Gomes (“Inez”)

Christoph Apfelbeck unfortunately was ill that day, he will be playing “Ramon”, Martin Berger (“Sergeant Garcia”) as well as Christian Peter Hauser (“Alejandro de la Vega”) are engaged for main characters in the show.

The Ensemble:
Romina Bachlechner, Rahel Fuhrimann, Julia Hübner, Lisa Radl, Sophie Schüssler, Bianca Stocker, Sarah Zippusch, Kilian Berger, Paul Csitkovits, Florian Klein, Martin Enenkel, Rico Salathe.

Musical director: Lior Kretzer
Jam Music Lab Orchestra
Director: Andreas Gergen
Choreography: Sabine Arthold

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Judith Jandl

June 26, 2011

Judith Jandl is a student of Performing Center Austria and I had the pleasure to get to know her and take photos of Judith. She already sent me some photos she liked in advance, most of them were from Romy Schneider and also Natalie Portman, so I already knew before we started to shoot that she wanted photos with much shadow too, at least some of those photos. Of course she also needed photos for auditions, which usually need to be lit better and should be as natural as possible. We had lots of fun, Judith really is a very nice person, so we got along very well. As Romy Schneider was smoking a lot, obviously, we also tried some photos while Judith was smoking, and in the end she applied a very dark red lipstick and did a very cool hairstyling, my favourite photo is this one:

What a beautiful girl! I also like the really natural photos a lot, especially this one, I edited it in two different ways, and I wonder which one YOU like best (and I’d love to read some comments about it). I like this one because its so soft;

and I like the next one because of it’s purity:

Have a look at the slideshow to see some of the other photos:

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