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Peter Knauder, IV

October 26, 2017

I already know Peter since 2011, so this September we took photos for the already fourth time – and this shooting should mean a lot more to me later than I expected on that day. A big thank you to Peter again for that afternoon – you’re awesome!

If you want to look at the photos we took in 2011 too, please click on this link and scroll down there.

Peter was very excited about the shoot and got tons of ideas for what to wear – and I’m always astounded by the creativity of his wardrobe choices, and they sometimes also make me smile. 🙂 So it’s always a pleasure working with him. Actually it’s more like playing and trying things, and that’s what I especially love about photography.

Peter also is very committed to fitness training, so of course we tried to make his already perfect body look best. Lots of skin and muscles this time and more of a fashion-style than in the portrait work I usually do, so I hope you enjoy the photos too!

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Linda Fischer

September 7, 2016


In August I had the pleasure to get to know Linda Fischer, a very nice, natural girl with supercool blue eyes! At the moment she’s a student at the “Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität” here in Vienna, starting her last year very soon. 🙂

Although it should have been raining at least part of the shooting-day we were very lucky with the weather, so we could walk around, talk and take some pictures. On our way we found an awesome red wall, and as Linda had a perfectly matching lipstick with her, it worked out so well!


I hope my photos will help Linda to get great jobs and I’m looking forward to see her on stage very soon.

Here’s the slideshow!


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Charlotte Krempl

August 12, 2011

Yesterday I had the pleasure to take photos of a very pretty young actress – Charlotte Krempl. She just finished actingschool and is playing in Laxenburg right now.

We walked around in the 8th district and found some nice places to shoot. We were really lucky, it wasn’t raining that day! There are always people around commenting when I’m shooting with someone, also this time, and a lot of people were staring at her, one guy even turned around again. 🙂 Taking Charlotte’s photos was really easy and I think we got some nice ones, just have a look at the slideshow!

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Sebastian Smulders

July 2, 2011

Now that “Tanz der Vampire” is over, Sebastian Smulders decided to let me take new photos of him, so we were shooting outdoors on Monday (no studio photos!). I really wish we’d had more time. I would have loved to shoot more often, I would have loved to know what other pictures we would have gotten with more time, on another day. We already shot a bit longer than I usually do, and got a lot of good photos, but I’m so curious about all the photos we didn’t take, photos we could have taken with more time. With some people one shooting just isn’t enough, even if it took three to four hours. Sebastian is one of those people, although we already met before and talked, but I think there’s still more potential to get even cooler photos. I hope I get the chance another time, if he’s playing in Vienna again, who knows? It’s ridiculous and annoying at the same time: Sebastian already played in “Frühlings Erwachen” and later then in “Tanz der Vampire” for I don’t know how long – two years?! And I never got that strong urge to take his photos?! It’s a shame!

And it’s surprising again and again how much more fascinating people become when you start getting to know someone! And that’s why I totally love taking portraits – how somebody’s look is changing with the time, when a great character is influencing my view and shows me more beauty. So this must be the reason why I absolutely want to take more photos of Sebastian now: He really is one of the good guys – positive, open-minded from the beginning and making others feel comfortable (actually this should have been my job – making people feel relaxed while we’re shooting), just someone you immediately trust. So it was a pleasure working with him. Sebastian loves photography too and also showed me some of his work. We talked a lot and it was a very funny day – ok, with one unforeseen occurence – we were shooting next to the TU Wien, and suddenly there were many fire engines and police cars around, and even a car for decontamination! Something had happened in a chemistry lab there, so unfortunately we couldn’t shoot at one wall which looked perfect for photos from the distance, but we found other possibilities anyway. 😉 It was a tough decision which photos I should put in this blogpost as there are so many cool ones, but I hope you like my choice and our work. So here’s the slideshow, enjoy it!

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Bandshooting “freiraum5”

October 5, 2010

Some time ago I had the pleasure to take photos for the website of  the band “freiraum5”. I already went to the location some days ago to find a cool place for shooting there. The suggestion of frontman Markus Neugebauer was really good – perfect for a band shoot, not just the common brick walls. 😉

The five guys – Markus, Roberto, Tom, Philipp and Stefan – were really patient during the shoot and it was much fun to take their photos!  Thanks to Elisabeth too. Have a look at the photos below and also visit the band’s website:

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