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Richard Panzenböck

September 10, 2016

Richard and I have definitely taken a lot of photos together so far – and I enjoyed every single time, as he is one of the most relaxed and funniest people I know! 🙂

I have no idea how he manages all the different things/jobs he’s doing all the time: Acting, costume designing – and especially being a very busy, successful puppeteer with his own show “Paperman” after winning the 2nd prize in RTL’s “Die Puppenstars”.

Richard is a very good looking “vampire” (Martina Bruckner-Nöhrer: Thanks for the phantastic make-up!) and I would have loved to watch a movie like “Twilight” with him even more. 🙂

Some years ago Richard helped me with one of my projects called “Papergirl & Plasticboy” (Everything except my two models was either plastic or paper! Hair & Make-up again by Martina Bruckner-Nöhrer) during a workshop about fashion photography and an exhibition – the clothes  Birgit and Stefan are wearing are all made out of paper and plastic, designed by Richard – I think he did an awesome job here as well, so thanks again! 🙂 Here’s the last (wedding) photo of this series:


This summer we took some portraits outdoor in a rather quick shooting, here’s one of my favourites of that day, more in the slideshow below!



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Florian Resetarits II

August 24, 2016

Florian and I already took photos three years ago, in case you want to look at the old pictures – HERE you can find the other blogpost.


This time the weather was finally perfect! 🙂 So we walked around in Vienna and tried to find photogenic places. As Florian basically is a classical singer, he needed photos with a tailcoat and later then a jacket, a kind of style that is just perfect for him!


If you want to see Florian on stage, at the moment he’s playing at the LehĂĄr-Festival in Bad Ischl. And now enjoy the slideshow! And if you want to know more about Florian himself, please also visit his website!

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Verena Schweng

February 19, 2016

Finally I’ve had enough time do some portrait shoots again! Even if it was quite cold (and even wet that day) actress/singer VERENA SCHWENG was brave enough to book an outdoor shoot this January!


We were very lucky with the light, as the sun was kind enough to twinkle through the cloudy sky, which wasn’t bad for portraits either, though I would have been happier if the drizzling rain had stopped a bit earlier. Nevertheless we got some nice, quite colorful shots under or without different roofs! 😉


Verena is a very open-minded and cheerful, strong woman, so I had a lot of fun taking her photos; and after that we went for a coffee/tea and went on with talking! 🙂


Thank you very much for the beautiful afternoon, Verena! I hope my photos will help getting great jobs – and when Verena’s new website is online, I’ll let you know! Until then I hope you enjoy watching the slideshow below and look at the photos we took!

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September 2014

June 29, 2015

aIMG_0170c Taking photos of Bjþrn Christer Lemcke was so much fun I decided to put some more dates for portrait-shoots online last September. 🙂 So I had the pleasure to photograph singer/actor/speaker ANDREAS KAMMERZELT for the second time, singer/actress JASMINA SAKR and actress ALIX MARTIN. Sorry it took a while to put the pictures online, but finally here they are. 😉

aIMG_0129bAndreas Kammerzelt

If you are living in Austria and watch TV from time to time, you have probably already heard ANDREAS speak, as he is the station voice of Servus TV and also speaking for ORF, ATV, ARD, ZDF, Puls4 and of course in commercials as well. If you are curious now and want to listen to Andreas’ wonderful voice – here’s the link to his website:

alIMG_0096Alix Martin

On another day in September 2014 I got to know ALIX, an American actress and voice-over artist. Unfortunately it was raining nearly all day long, nevertheless we found a good place to shoot without getting wet. 😉 By the way, I loved the matching colors of the shirt/eye-color! If you want to find out more about Alix, please click on the link to visit her website:

jIMG_0335bJasmina Sakr

I also had the pleasure to meet JASMINA that month. If you are interested in musical theatre, you might have seen/heard her as “Julia” in “Romeo & Julia” at the Raimund Theater in Vienna or “Maria” in “West Side Story” (Komische Oper, Berlin), though she has been working in the classical genre for  the last years. And I have hardly ever met someone who could pose so easily! (Usually close-ups are the easier part. 🙂 If you are curious now for more pictures, watch the slideshow below, and in case you need new headshots/portraits yourself, please visit my website – new shoot dates are available now for this summer!

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Living Music – Nicole & Dominik

August 12, 2013

Another too-hot-for-photos-day this summer… Nevertheless Nicole and Dominik booked an outdoor-shoot, so we went to the Wilhelminenberg. Another good thing of shooting on customer-chosen locations: Getting to know Vienna better. 😉

And another thing of taking pictures of musicians is getting to hear them sing and play – I’ll always love that! 🙂


Nicole and Dominik needed pictures for their new website (I’ll post the link as soon as it’s online and on my facebook-page as well) as they are performing as “Living Music” on weddings and other occasions where’s live music needed.


Always a challenge to take photos of singing people. Nicole is pretty anyways; her movements and expressions worked very well, but Dominik seems to be very concentrated while playing the guitar. 😉 But they are a lovely couple. 😉



After we took some portraits and the music-related pictures, they changed their clothes – brave Dominik was wearing a suit without complaining about the heat for a very long time – we found the perfect location and even more important: The perfect light.


Usually I don’t shoot in direct sunlight, but if my customers are ok with it and can make it work to open their eyes enough it can look great, so Dominik and Nicole did a very good job! And I hope you like the result too. Please scroll down to see a slideshow of more pictures!

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Leonie-Carolina Adam

July 29, 2013


Definitely TOO hot outside!
Anyway Leonie-Carolina Adam was brave enough to book a photoshoot, so we walked through the 1st district to take some photos! She did a very good job with not sweating (saved lots of time for retouching *g*),  and is a photogenic, beautiful girl with great eyecolor and amazing hair (oh, I wish I’d have her hair!!). We found some nice places for pictures – please scroll down to see our work!

Leonie-Carolina seems to be very talented, as she is only 19 and already passed the official actors examination, so I’m curious to see her sing and play and dance too! It was a great time shooting with her, her own website will be online again in autumn, I hope I remember posting the link here – in between please enjoy the photos below!

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Florian Resetarits

March 29, 2013

Stupid weather. Usually I don’t care about rain or snow (still better than summer heat!) except I have to modify shooting plans because of it… Nevertheless we found a place indoors for this shoot, but also went outside for…well, perhaps 30 minutes?


This time I had the pleasure to get to know Florian Resetarits (singer/actor), arriving exactly on schedule as everyone I met from the “Konservatorium Wien PrivatuniversitĂ€t” so far. 🙂 It was fun to shoot again after a long time (another blogpost about last Sunday’s family portrait session will follow next week, but you can already see some photos on my facebook-page), as I’m studying pharmaceutics now and don’t have any time left to do jobs except now and then in the holidays. That’s also why there aren’t many shoot-dates, but either April 4th or 5th is still available for booking (more information here), next shoot-dates will probably be offered in August.


Florian is doing classical concerts a lot, so he is wearing a suit on most of the pictures. As there wasn’t too much light indoors I had to additionally use a little flashlight, but tried to create a very natural looking light mood with a softbox, or reflecting it off white walls around us, because Florian originally wanted to take photos outdoors. I hope you like the pictures too – Florian has had a very hard time deciding which photos NOT to order. 😉

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