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Daniela Harbauer

February 15, 2018

Daniela Harbauer, © Isabell Schatz

I already photographed Dana Harbauer some years ago in my studio. As she is an awesome dancer and has a very beautiful body, we also took some dance photos besides portraits back then – in case you’d like to see them, you can either go to my own website or visit Dana’s website.

Actually I “know” Dana already since she was in school (PCA) because of her outstanding dancing, so I was looking forward to meet her little family now too! This time Dana needed new portraits after the baby break, as she is planning to go back to working as a dancer and singer again.

Daniela Harbauer, © Isabell Schatz

As it has turned out to be very helpful having ALL of the wardrobe close enough and being able to change the outfits, we took Dana’s portraits at her home. It worked out totally fine shooting her portraits in the living room, as I of course have brought my professional studio equipment with me and we had some fun. :-)

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Antje Kohler: Because it’s Christmas

November 6, 2016

I already know Antje Kohler since 2014 – back then I took her new portraits, in case you want to have a look at those photos, HERE’s the link to the old blogpost. This year Antje asked me to take photos for her first solo CD: “Because it’s Christmas”. Funny thing to shoot a cover for a Christmas-CD on one of the hottest days in July. 🙂

By the way – if you want to listen to some music on this CD, here’s the chance to do so – my favorite on this CD is “Winter Song”, haven’t heard it before and just love that song!

img_1081bAntje told me that she had – because of her job as a singer – to spend many Christmases without her husband in hotels,…, so one day she bought a little Christmas tree for those occacions, that’s the story behind – why there should be this little Christmas tree involved on the CD-cover and the booklet, that’s why we tried to find different places for Antje and her Christmas tree, even on the toilet/bathroom. 😉

Antje got permission to shoot her CD-cover at the beautiful Palais Niederösterreich – thanks again! It’s an awesome location, nevertheless we decided to shoot in one of the modern parts downstairs, because it reminded me a lot of a hotel lobby and had a rather cold feeling because of the stone floor, that’s why I thought it works perfectly well with Antje’s story, and that’s why I also liked the colder version of the chosen photo for the cover, although I decided to “switch on the lights” later in photoshop. 😉


At the beginning of the blogpost you can find the final cover, editing by Bernhard Poppe.

btsNow more about the shoot! Fortunately Antje chose a photo where I also took my only “behind the scenes”-picture of this shoot, because I knew that I would want to write a blogpost about it later. So here it is for the photographers among you. I used a big Octabox as single light source on the right handside of the camera with an elinchrom flashlight (500 Ws), tilted down very much, which explains the lighter spot/circle on the floor and a bit of a icy/mirror-effect on the blue-ish photo above, which can unfortunately not be seen on the finished CD-cover. And of course some (very few) light was coming from the window behind/above the couch, although of course the flashlight was overpowering most of it. I was practically lying on the floor with my camera, so I shot from a very low angle (not like in the bts-photo on the left handside).

Well, I hope you enjoy the slideshow (at the end of this post) and of course also Antje’s music! If you want to hear Antje live and in person – the CD-presentation will be on Dec. 5th, 2016 at the Theater am Spittelberg in Vienna, more information about this event and ordering the CD can be found on Antje’s website. Merry Christmas! 😀


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Iris Nussbaum

October 23, 2016


Last week I had the pleasure getting to know actress Iris Nussbaum, a lovely young, beautiful girl who has finished studying at the Schauspielschule Krauss this year, so I enjoyed taking her portraits a lot and I hope they will help her finding great jobs on TV or in movies!


During a shoot there’s always that one special moment where everything turns out to be perfect, and I just love these exciting minutes! In this case:


But of course there are many pictures I like a lot, so just enjoy the slideshow below. 😉



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Sandra Maria Miklautz

October 13, 2016

Sandra Maria Miklautz

I first saw Sandra on stage in 2001, when she was still studying at the Performing Center Austria. “Magic to do” was a great show, directed and choreographed by the phantastic Alonso Barros. Later that year Sandra played in “Crazy Love”, a very cute new (in 2001) musical at the Wiener Metropol. Since then she has worked for the Vereinigte Bühnen Wien, did a lot of freelance work and is also teaching dance-classes. In case you have seen “Das Orangenmädchen” – a beautiful little musical at the Off-Stage theatre in 2008/2009, based on the book of Jostein Garder, Sandra played the title role.

Sandra Maria Miklautz

And now, finally – 15 years later after getting to know her – I had the pleasure to take Sandra’s portraits! 🙂 Such a beautiful face! We tried different kind of outfits (that’s the advantage of shooting at somebody’s home instead of a studio) until we finally started taking photos of Sandra wearing her nightgown, which worked perfectly well for me, as she seems to be a very open, passionate woman. If you want to find out more about Sandra herself, please also visit her own website. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed shooting!

Sandra Maria Miklautz


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June 1, 2011

Really bad news last week…

I was really shocked, how can someone so nice simply die?! And at his age? He was only 40!! 😦

I long thought about posting something, but right now I was just working on my website-portfolio as I’m planning to apply at some ad-agencies – yes, searching for another path of photography; if this doesn’t work out (really well!!) I’ll try to get another full-time-job next year anyway, and I’m already searching for something new. Well, I was working on my website and looking through my external hard-drive-disks for photos I haven’t posted there yet, and stumbled over my diploma-project again. Photographing the rehearsals of “jekyll & hyde” at the “Theater an der Wien” years ago. It was a book-project (no permission for publishing, sorry) for my diploma-exam, a colleague and I were joining many many rehearsals (something I always wanted to do, all my life) and took photos there. At the beginning of the book were the photos of the dress rehearsals, on stage, so it started with how the  theatregoer is going to see “jekyll & hyde” and then it got more “private”, like the black and white photos of the other rehearsals before, and then we asked/offered the actors to take some private portraits too, so this was the third part of the book. Dietmar was always very nice to both of us, and was the first one to tell us he’d like to take some photos with us at his flat.

Vanessa (my colleague) had already a set of three studio-flashlights including some light-shapers and tripods. I didn’t own anything at that time except my analog-camera, two lenses and bought some filmrolls for that shoot.. We just started to learn about portrait photography at school, but we never (at least I) have taken photos “on location” with studio lights, so this was quite an experiment for me, exciting! My first on location shoot with studio lights!! We had so much fun, and great music! I still remember that we listened to Dietmars George Michael CD and I loved that music too (got the same CD later too). I really can remember that photoshoot very well, we shot for hours and he really had lots of patience. 🙂 And Dietmar was the only person of the Jekyll & Hyde – Ensemble I ALWAYS met anywhere else later, even years later. In Amstetten, somewhere in a café in Vienna, just by chance, and it was always a pleasure to talk to him.

So I was looking through the photos today and thought I really just have to post something here, I just can’t ignore the fact that I’ll never meet him again…and cried while editing this picture, and still do while I’m writing those last lines here. Dietmar, thank you so much for the great time. I will never forget.