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Photography in general and some nudes.

July 9, 2011


I have fought long enough and I just can’t do this any longer. I’ve worked hard on becoming a good photographer. I worked hard on getting enough jobs to survive. I fought through all the legal and business stuff you need to know. I tried to deal with all kind of personal problems coming along with being your own boss and especially all the problems I had personally with being a portrait photographer. I’ve struggled a very long time with deciding either to give up or trying for another year, and believe me, it was never an easy decision, I thought over it for years, changed my opinion again and again and here I am, still taking pictures, still struggling. Some people supported me, and many just didn’t, some others even started to destroy my business – all the work, effort, time and money I already put into for many years. 

I can’t fight forever and I simply don’t have enough energy and strength for this anymore. So yes, I give up.”
June 3rd, 2011

The first passage is the beginning of a blogpost I wrote on the third of June. Later then I decided to give myself a bit more time, and that the solution to most of my problems (instead of changing my profession at once) will be trying to get into other branches of photography, like advertising photography – I already did some advertising photos like musicalposters/PR-photos. So in case you know people working at ad agencies – let me know, or let them know about my work – thanks! I’m rebuilding my website right now (a looooooot of work!) and already applied at one ad agency. I’m glad my photos were ok, but I needed to have a nude photo too, to complete my portfolio, which kind of frightened me because I don’t have experience in this category of photography. I thought my only chance to get GOOD photos is combining it with dance photography, as I love dance photography where it’s also important to make the body look gorgeous (which isn’t too hard because dancers most of the time have the body you would want as a “normal” person :-), but of course they are working hard for that). So I wanted something really special, like a male dancer on pointe shoes, which isn’t easy to find as men usually don’t wear pointe shoes (or can dance with it :-), AND is ok with getting naked (or LOOK naked on the photos) in front of a camera. But thanks to Jacqueline Braun I found two dancers!

Nicola Gravante (I already photographed him 2-3 years ago), a pretty guy, a good dancer with classical background who even has had time the next day! So we took some dancing photos at my studio and he was really doing great! Thanks again, Nico, especially for being so relaxed! I’m very grateful for your help and for letting me post your photos! I like those at the wall most, what a wonderful idea to do poses there! And sorry for all the pain you had to endure, I’m sure it’s painful to stand on those shoes…

fortunately that’s not what the agency wanted…I wanted to have those photos as special as possible (for nude photography, and I really like the result!), but they needed something more commercial, so the suggestion was to take one of those “American Beauty”-rose-petal-pictures. I know that there are already thousands of photos like this, so I tried to keep the concept but make it a bit more special. So I did the required rose-petal-photo AND another one with feathers, which was much more fun. 🙂 Especially pouring 1 kg of white fluffy feathers on the floor. 🙂 It looked amazing, and I would have loved to throw myself into it. 🙂 Birgit (my model), Britta Tess (the make-up-artist) and Eva (my assistant) did an amazing job – thanks, guys! Though cleaning up was NOT very funny later, the feathers were EVERYWHERE. But the picture is cool. 🙂

Please scroll down to see all of the photos! Another blogpost with Adrian’s photos will follow if I have his final ok, he’s the second dancer, we took beautiful dancing photos (dressed) 😉 with/without pointe-shoes.

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