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How to portray a King

March 11, 2018

…because “How to shoot a King” sounded a little bit too violent. 😉

Stefan Reil, © Isabell Schatz

Well, all you need is a winter with some snow, a beautiful forest and a model who is willing to get up too early, to freeze, get wet feet and able to make his way through bushes of thorns with his sword! At least this is what I imagined for a shoot like this. Of course you also need to deal with some loss which will probably come along with such adventurous plans – equipment falling into the snow, things covered in dirt and even can’t be found ever again (by me). Despite all those difficulties the pictures were definitely worth all the effort and losses. And Stefan did a very good job there despite the bad conditions, we both are very excited about the outcome of that shoot!

Stefan Reil, © Isabell Schatz

Stefan and I took photos together already several times, he also was the male model for my series “Papergirl & Plasticboy” that I took for an exhibition, so I knew this would work out just as fine! After Stefan has sent me his suggestions for what to wear I tried to match the props we would need for a king or warrior in the woods, with a touch of fashion. So I just bought a sword and started various attempts of making a crown that would have more of a fashion or even avantgarde look and would match Stefan’s outfit. Then we added some black shag as a royal scarf – and there was the king himself! 😀

Stefan Reil, © Isabell Schatz

If you are curious about the light setup – I used two off-camera flashes, one of them with an umbrella, the other one from behind without any light diffusion. Here’s a funny behind-the-scenes-shot, and another photo without any added lights in comparison, which is just boring in my opinion. That’s what it looked like for the jogger that came around during the shoot, so – nothing special, just a man with a sword out in the woods…

Stefan Reil, © Isabell Schatz, behind-the-scenes Stefan Reil, © Isabell Schatz, Natürliches Licht

After our feet were wet enough Stefan changed into a hoodie and we took some photos which are more of a fashion style than portrait or commercial like the ones before, but I love these so much too, especially Stefan’s posing is awesome – of course, as he has been working as a fashion (and commercial) model a lot, so working with an experienced model is invaluable!

Stefan Reil, © Isabell Schatz

In case you want to know more about Stefan, please also visit his website.

Stefan Reil, ©Isabell Schatz

And here’s of course the mandatory slideshow with some more photos – enjoy!

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Colorful styling with fruits and flowers

January 3, 2018

Kiwi + green eyeshadow

While looking through some of my older photos I remembered that I wanted to post some of these by that time, but actually this never happened… so here they are eventually. 😉

Surely you’ll agree that fresh fruits, flowers and colors can be so pretty! Although cucumber, kiwi, lemon (or other dripping fruits) sticked on your cheek is probably not a very practicable way of your everyday styling. Other fruits like cherries and flowers may work…some time. 😉

Orange-yellow eyeshadow & Flower in her hair

Usually my customers want photos with rather natural styling, so this time I decided to take some beauty shots with Teresa – a talented model I’ve worked with several times already – including colorful flowers, fruits and make-up in especially vivid colors. And as I’m not able to do this on my own, I’m very grateful make-up artist Sandra Huber was so kind to help me out with her expertise for this project. Thanks again!

She was using make-up in very vivid colors by Gianni Colores, you can even use it for painting nails, which really surprised me, and worked very well for this purpose! So in case you need very strong colors, either for photos or also for a special outfit/styling, I can really recommend to use them! But you will have to be very precise when doing your make up, as any drawing “mistake” can be seen very easily.

Of course we started with rather less vivid colours and changed it to darker tones or added a matching color. Here’s the slideshow with more photos! 🙂

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Peter Knauder, IV

October 26, 2017

I already know Peter since 2011, so this September we took photos for the already fourth time – and this shooting should mean a lot more to me later than I expected on that day. A big thank you to Peter again for that afternoon – you’re awesome!

If you want to look at the photos we took in 2011 too, please click on this link and scroll down there.

Peter was very excited about the shoot and got tons of ideas for what to wear – and I’m always astounded by the creativity of his wardrobe choices, and they sometimes also make me smile. 🙂 So it’s always a pleasure working with him. Actually it’s more like playing and trying things, and that’s what I especially love about photography.

Peter also is very committed to fitness training, so of course we tried to make his already perfect body look best. Lots of skin and muscles this time and more of a fashion-style than in the portrait work I usually do, so I hope you enjoy the photos too!

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Bjørn Christer Lemcke

September 1, 2014


As much as I love Iceland – I always wanted to see Norway too! This summer I finally went on board of a “Hurtigruten”-ship on a trip along Norway’s coast. Simply beautiful! Probably a blogpost with travel photos will follow another time, but it will take a while to choose the best.  Above you can see a picture of Trondheim, one of the stops and also hometown of  Bjørn, who I had the pleasure to get to know on the ship:


As Bjørn was here in Vienna this Saturday (*yay*! 🙂 ), I could take a few quick portraits during a mini-sightseeing-tour in the city center, of course equipped with a small flashlight, softbox and tripod, just in case there won’t be enough light in the late afternoon on that cloudy and rainy day; also to create a different look too, as I only chose two locations. I wish we had taken some photos in Norway too… 😦


Shooting handsome people like him is easy most of the time, and as a former sports student – even after a very exhausting journey – Bjørn still had enough energy and model skills; learning fast what to do to look best, and so everything went perfectly well – and it was a pleasure! 🙂


Considering we only shot about half an hour altogether we got a really good mix of different pictures! I’ve put some my favorites between the text already, as the slideshow-pictures are always so small and it’s more beautiful to look at them in full size, at least as much as this blog allows. I hope you like them as much as I do! Find the other pictures in the slideshow below and – enjoy! 🙂






Now that I’ve “tasted blood” again with shooting portraits, I just HAVE to do some more portrait jobs this summer… or to say it with Claudia’s words in “Lestat – The Musical”: “I want more!!!” 😉 If you want to book a shoot in September, just have a look at my calendar, I posted four shoot dates, and this will definitely be the last chance for shooting portraits with me in 2014.

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Portraits/Portfolio-Shooting with Peter Knauder

May 14, 2011

On April 30th I posted new dancing photos of Eva Prenner and Peter Knauder, both students of Performing Center Austria. As Peter needed new headshots for upcoming auditions anyway, we decided to take more photos than those – photos he can use for a portfolio to apply at model agencies and some new pictures for my own portfolio too. It was a pleasure, we had lots of fun, Peter did a very good job and we’re going to work together again. Tomorrow. 🙂 Water will be involved, perhaps some dirt. 😉

For now some photos of the shooting on Friday! Enjoy and tell me what you think about them, just use the “comment”-function!

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