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Richard Panzenböck

September 10, 2016

Richard and I have definitely taken a lot of photos together so far – and I enjoyed every single time, as he is one of the most relaxed and funniest people I know! 🙂

I have no idea how he manages all the different things/jobs he’s doing all the time: Acting, costume designing – and especially being a very busy, successful puppeteer with his own show “Paperman” after winning the 2nd prize in RTL’s “Die Puppenstars”.

Richard is a very good looking “vampire” (Martina Bruckner-Nöhrer: Thanks for the phantastic make-up!) and I would have loved to watch a movie like “Twilight” with him even more. 🙂

Some years ago Richard helped me with one of my projects called “Papergirl & Plasticboy” (Everything except my two models was either plastic or paper! Hair & Make-up again by Martina Bruckner-Nöhrer) during a workshop about fashion photography and an exhibition – the clothes  Birgit and Stefan are wearing are all made out of paper and plastic, designed by Richard – I think he did an awesome job here as well, so thanks again! 🙂 Here’s the last (wedding) photo of this series:


This summer we took some portraits outdoor in a rather quick shooting, here’s one of my favourites of that day, more in the slideshow below!



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Exhibition and Cooperation with “Vereinigte Bühnen Wien”

November 6, 2010

This year I attended a seminar for fashion photography. Every participant was requested to make up  a topic for his/her own project, mine was “Papergirl & Plasticboy”. Stefan Reil told me a lot about fashion photography, as he has already done some model jobs for magazines before. He was my “plasticboy”, “papergirl” was Birgit Mrozek, a beautiful girl I already have photographed before too. Richard Panzenböck, a very funny guy and costume designer (designing the costumes for “camprock” right now) was here to design the outfits, only paper and plastic were allowed. I’ve spent days for the different sets (“paperworld” and “plasticworld”), made of paper and plastic too. Martina Bruckner-Nöhrer did the cool make-up and hairstyling – thanks to everybody for your help! 🙂

Here’s a digital flyer with all the information about the exhibition and a photo of our group-project – COME!

And here’s also one of my five pictures which will be shown at the exhibition, together with the projects of the other participants.

And now the second cool thing!!!

As you might know I love vampire-stuff. 🙂 That’s why I’ve taken some vampire-photos some time ago and put them on my website. Now that’s what happened: The “Vereinigte Bühnen Wien” called me! How cool is that!? They asked me if I’d be interested in a cooperation, so I can take photos at the “Blutspende-Aktion” at the Ronacher on Nov. 20th! There will be a “photobooth” and my photos will be published on my website and the VBW’s Facebook-Fanpage “Tanz der Vampire (Wien)”. I’m so glad I can do this, I’m sure it will be lots of fun! 🙂 Come and get your photo taken there!

On Monday I did some portfolio-vampire-shots again, male model was Richard Panzenböck (yes, the costume-designer of my papergirl-plasticboy-project) and Birgit Kronberger (you might have seen her on my website at the fashion/commercial-category already) was the other model. Martina Bruckner-Nöhrer was so nice again to do the make-up and hairstyling, and of course it looked way better than the testshots without her. 😉

Here are some of the new photos, and a “making-of-photo” with Martina!