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Musicalfest 2016

September 24, 2016

I decided to make a short blogpost for all the people who could not be at the Raimundtheater in Vienna today, and also for those who want to look at some pictures of today’s “MUSICALFEST”. 😉


Like in previous years there has been a built a big stage on the street right next to the Raimundtheater and the show programme was shown three times. This year’s singers were Ana Milva Gomes, Marjan Shaki, Drew Sarich and Oedo Kuipers.

The Songs:
“Einladung zum Ball” (Tanz der Vampire) – Drew Sarich,  “Wenn ich tanzen will” (Elisabeth) – Ana and Oedo, “Gold von den Sternen” (Mozart) – Ana, “Wie wird man seinen Schatten los” (Mozart) – Oedo, “High flying adored” (Evita) – Marjan and Drew, “Don’t cry for me, Argentinia” (Evita) – Marjan.


Of course there was also a lot to see inside the theatre – three songs of the new musical “Schikaneder” have been performed by the original cast – Premiere will be next Friday, Sept. 30th at the Raimundtheater. Tickets are available here. As I’m going to watch the full show next week, I decided I’d better wait until then. 😉

If you want to look at more photos or have some prints, please go to my website => shop – there you can find more. And here’s also the usual slide show of some of the available photos!

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Want to do something GOOD for Christmas?

October 19, 2011

If you want to do something good for Christmas, start NOW! Here are two projects I’d like to support.

First one is a project of wonderful artist Steffen Teuscher, a florist – he and his wife Diana are friends of mine, we got to know each other when Steffen hired me for taking photos of his class and the masterpieces for the florist’s examination for the master craftsman’s certificate in Zwettl. I made the classes website, took their portraits and photographed their artworks. Later then I built Steffen’s and Diana’s own website ( and right now I’m doing the graphic work for their new project: FLOWERS IN CONCERT – music in combination with flower art, and the money goes to Japan, as Steffen has worked there shortly before the catastrophe happened.

Just have a look at their blog: – there you can find all the information about the project, and if you want to buy a ticket for the concert, please do so and help them getting money for Japan!

And there’s a second project I want to support too. As many of you know, the two musical singers Marjan Shaki and Lukas Perman are both very committed to an organization that helps people in Haiti – “Power of hope”. Now they’ve had a very cute idea to help the kids in Haiti!

So if you have some time left and a lot of love for others who are not as lucky as we are, take your chance and make a child happy with a Christmas box!  I think this is a great idea and I will definitely support them, first of all with posting their idea here, my box will be following soon. 😉

The idea is packing a shoebox (30x20x10 cm) with all kind of stuff a kid needs – pencils, writing pads, soap, toothpaste, t-shirts (!!), flip-flops, small toys like yo-yo, mikado,…and, very important, a letter or postcard with some nice words or a prayer.

You can bring your box (please decorate it nicely with stickers,… but DON’T wrap it because customs is going to have a look what’s inside, and only put NEW things in there, no used stuff please…) to the RAIMUNDTHEATER or RONACHER, if you want to participate! Your box(es) must be there until Nov. 10th, as the container is going to take some weeks to Haiti!