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Antje Kohler: Because it’s Christmas

November 6, 2016

I already know Antje Kohler since 2014 – back then I took her new portraits, in case you want to have a look at those photos, HERE’s the link to the old blogpost. This year Antje asked me to take photos for her first solo CD: “Because it’s Christmas”. Funny thing to shoot a cover for a Christmas-CD on one of the hottest days in July. 🙂

By the way – if you want to listen to some music on this CD, here’s the chance to do so – my favorite on this CD is “Winter Song”, haven’t heard it before and just love that song!

img_1081bAntje told me that she had – because of her job as a singer – to spend many Christmases without her husband in hotels,…, so one day she bought a little Christmas tree for those occacions, that’s the story behind – why there should be this little Christmas tree involved on the CD-cover and the booklet, that’s why we tried to find different places for Antje and her Christmas tree, even on the toilet/bathroom. 😉

Antje got permission to shoot her CD-cover at the beautiful Palais Niederösterreich – thanks again! It’s an awesome location, nevertheless we decided to shoot in one of the modern parts downstairs, because it reminded me a lot of a hotel lobby and had a rather cold feeling because of the stone floor, that’s why I thought it works perfectly well with Antje’s story, and that’s why I also liked the colder version of the chosen photo for the cover, although I decided to “switch on the lights” later in photoshop. 😉


At the beginning of the blogpost you can find the final cover, editing by Bernhard Poppe.

btsNow more about the shoot! Fortunately Antje chose a photo where I also took my only “behind the scenes”-picture of this shoot, because I knew that I would want to write a blogpost about it later. So here it is for the photographers among you. I used a big Octabox as single light source on the right handside of the camera with an elinchrom flashlight (500 Ws), tilted down very much, which explains the lighter spot/circle on the floor and a bit of a icy/mirror-effect on the blue-ish photo above, which can unfortunately not be seen on the finished CD-cover. And of course some (very few) light was coming from the window behind/above the couch, although of course the flashlight was overpowering most of it. I was practically lying on the floor with my camera, so I shot from a very low angle (not like in the bts-photo on the left handside).

Well, I hope you enjoy the slideshow (at the end of this post) and of course also Antje’s music! If you want to hear Antje live and in person – the CD-presentation will be on Dec. 5th, 2016 at the Theater am Spittelberg in Vienna, more information about this event and ordering the CD can be found on Antje’s website. Merry Christmas! 😀


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Sarah Tuleweit III

April 2, 2016

Shooting Nr. 3 with opera singer Sarah Tuleweit! This time we went to the Kurhaus Semmering, a great location with awesome furniture, but freezingly cold this February, as there was no heating, water or energy at all.


Nevertheless Sarah was brave enough to plan a shoot out there with most of the time sleeveless (but gorgeous!) dresses and still looking beautiful as always! Would you have guessed she is already mother of a sweet little daughter?


We also tried to use the existing light for a special look, which looks much warmer than poor Sarah must have felt that day. 😉


So the white dress was my favorite look that day. Absolutely loved it!


If you want to look at more of Sarah’s photos (on stage & of our two other shoots), please visit her website too:

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Aris Sas – once again

September 23, 2015


… and hopefully again and again. 🙂

On Sept. 19th I have not only been at the Raimundtheater to take some pictures at the “Musicalfest” (photos are available in my new shop), but also had the pleasure to meet one of my favourite actors once again for taking his new headshots, as he changed his look significantly.


In case you are visiting my blog regularly, you’ll know that we already have had several portrait-shoots together and that I enjoyed it a lot! 🙂 Look at more photos of Aris here and here too.

Actually we planned on taking the new headshots in front of Vienna’s townhall, but unfortunately the “Rathausplatz” was not accessible at all due to the Vienna Masters-Event and horses everywhere… so we had to find another place very fast, but nevertheless got some nice pictures, have a look yourself!

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Martin Zauner

August 12, 2013

The next day I had the pleasure to take photos of actor Martin Zauner. He is really nice, interesting to talk to, and at the moment you can watch him play in “Cop Stories” every Tuesday on ORF. Martin is also part of the Ensemble in the “Theater in der Josefstadt”.


Martin wanted to take his portraits at the TĂŒrkenschanzpark. Still too hot that day
 so we walked through this really beautiful park – I admit that I haven’t been there before
 I really  should know that town much better!

As green trees / grass is not always the most flattering surroundings for portraits we tried to find some different backgrounds too, which was kind of hard as it wasn’t as shady as I would have loved, but Martin stayed patient and walked regardless of the heat through the park with me, where we also used the floor as photo-background. 🙂


Enjoy the photos in the slideshow below!

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GOOD MEN – Jesus Christ Superstar, Drew Sarich and Rasmus Borkowski :-)

February 25, 2011

Finally I got the chance to do a job for a company I always wanted to work with: Vereinigte BĂŒhnen Wien! I like photography, but I love musicals. 🙂 Since I first saw “Elisabeth” in 1993 with Pia Douwes and Uwe Kröger I loooove it! And since then I wanted to have a job that has to do with musicals, singing, acting, dancing, theatre, costumes, light, great make-up, music,… and, well, taking photos of those gifted people was somehow close to what I wanted, though my first choice would have been dresser in a musical. 🙂 Tried this years later, and it was great! Funny job! Would do it again.

Anyway, now I’m a photographer and got another cool job that had to do with musical: Taking photos of Drew Sarich for promoting “Jesus Christ Superstar” (Ronacher, April 21st -24th, more information HERE). I’m so so happy I could do my first job for VBW with someone I already knew – I already took photos of Drew for the show “IZ by oliver emanuel” some years ago – he, Dave Moskin and Kyrre Kvam were playing. So I was nervous about shooting such an important job, but it was comforting that Drew was there! I also have to say that my assistant Eva (thanks again!) was very patient holding the boom-lightstand for Drew’s safety, and the creative support of Christina, Monika and of course Drew’s cooperation was really helpful. Thanks to everyone! We worked fast and I think we got some nice results – you can see some of the photos below!

Thanks also to Denise Jastraunig for being test-model for my ideas! Here’s the link to her website – she’s a phantastic singer too:

We took two completely different versions – a rather classic photo with warm light from above and a dirty background as contrast to Drew’s white shirt. It’s hard to get charcoal in winter! baumax only offered 10-kg-bags…! So I  bought some carbon pencils at an artist’s store, made charcoal-crumbles to get my beautiful white studio wall dirty…:-) The second version was a very modern interpretation – the ringlight as Drew’s halo. And when we shot the second variation, BeyoncĂ©’s “halo” was playing at the radio – how funny!!! Drew was sure that this is a sign! 🙂 I edited those photos in different ways, I think my favourite picture is the blue-ish one. I just totally love Drew’s expression on this one, it’s like “Me?! You want ME to die?”, which fits perfectly to the show in my opinion. Tell me which one you think is the best!

And here are also some photos of another gorgeous man: Rasmus Borkowski! Taking photos of him was a lot of fun, actually his was one of my top-3 of my funniest photoshootings! 🙂 As I haven’t published so many photos, especially many of last year, I’ll try to catch up on this. So here are some of the pictures I took of Rasmus!

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