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Richard Panzenböck

September 10, 2016

Richard and I have definitely taken a lot of photos together so far – and I enjoyed every single time, as he is one of the most relaxed and funniest people I know! 🙂

I have no idea how he manages all the different things/jobs he’s doing all the time: Acting, costume designing – and especially being a very busy, successful puppeteer with his own show “Paperman” after winning the 2nd prize in RTL’s “Die Puppenstars”.

Richard is a very good looking “vampire” (Martina Bruckner-Nöhrer: Thanks for the phantastic make-up!) and I would have loved to watch a movie like “Twilight” with him even more. 🙂

Some years ago Richard helped me with one of my projects called “Papergirl & Plasticboy” (Everything except my two models was either plastic or paper! Hair & Make-up again by Martina Bruckner-Nöhrer) during a workshop about fashion photography and an exhibition – the clothes  Birgit and Stefan are wearing are all made out of paper and plastic, designed by Richard – I think he did an awesome job here as well, so thanks again! 🙂 Here’s the last (wedding) photo of this series:


This summer we took some portraits outdoor in a rather quick shooting, here’s one of my favourites of that day, more in the slideshow below!



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GOOD MEN – Jesus Christ Superstar, Drew Sarich and Rasmus Borkowski :-)

February 25, 2011

Finally I got the chance to do a job for a company I always wanted to work with: Vereinigte BĂĽhnen Wien! I like photography, but I love musicals. 🙂 Since I first saw “Elisabeth” in 1993 with Pia Douwes and Uwe Kröger I loooove it! And since then I wanted to have a job that has to do with musicals, singing, acting, dancing, theatre, costumes, light, great make-up, music,… and, well, taking photos of those gifted people was somehow close to what I wanted, though my first choice would have been dresser in a musical. 🙂 Tried this years later, and it was great! Funny job! Would do it again.

Anyway, now I’m a photographer and got another cool job that had to do with musical: Taking photos of Drew Sarich for promoting “Jesus Christ Superstar” (Ronacher, April 21st -24th, more information HERE). I’m so so happy I could do my first job for VBW with someone I already knew – I already took photos of Drew for the show “IZ by oliver emanuel” some years ago – he, Dave Moskin and Kyrre Kvam were playing. So I was nervous about shooting such an important job, but it was comforting that Drew was there! I also have to say that my assistant Eva (thanks again!) was very patient holding the boom-lightstand for Drew’s safety, and the creative support of Christina, Monika and of course Drew’s cooperation was really helpful. Thanks to everyone! We worked fast and I think we got some nice results – you can see some of the photos below!

Thanks also to Denise Jastraunig for being test-model for my ideas! Here’s the link to her website – she’s a phantastic singer too:

We took two completely different versions – a rather classic photo with warm light from above and a dirty background as contrast to Drew’s white shirt. It’s hard to get charcoal in winter! baumax only offered 10-kg-bags…! So I  bought some carbon pencils at an artist’s store, made charcoal-crumbles to get my beautiful white studio wall dirty…:-) The second version was a very modern interpretation – the ringlight as Drew’s halo. And when we shot the second variation, BeyoncĂ©’s “halo” was playing at the radio – how funny!!! Drew was sure that this is a sign! 🙂 I edited those photos in different ways, I think my favourite picture is the blue-ish one. I just totally love Drew’s expression on this one, it’s like “Me?! You want ME to die?”, which fits perfectly to the show in my opinion. Tell me which one you think is the best!

And here are also some photos of another gorgeous man: Rasmus Borkowski! Taking photos of him was a lot of fun, actually his was one of my top-3 of my funniest photoshootings! 🙂 As I haven’t published so many photos, especially many of last year, I’ll try to catch up on this. So here are some of the pictures I took of Rasmus!

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