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Two new websites, a competition and an exhibition!

February 4, 2011

Wow, long time passed since my last blog-entry…! Perhaps I should post more often and not wait until there are four topics in one blogpost. 🙂 I already have sooo many pictures I could publish but didn’t have the time until now. Well, this has to wait again, here are the latest news – if you are visiting my Website regularly you already know part of those news – but not everything!! 😉

nr. 1)
Exhibition at Raiffeisenbank Lenzing – “Papergirl & Plasticboy”:
Thanks to Raiffeisenbank Lenzing for showing my photos and posting a link and information about me on their Website!
Here are  some (really bad) photos I took with my (old!!) mobile phone:

nr. 2)
As I’m always grateful for people who are passing my name on to other people who might need photos of themselves, I thought I give away a portrait-photoshoot for free at the end of 2011! Every customer will be asked who told him/her to let ME take his/her photos – the name I hear the most will get the free photoshoot! 🙂

nr. 3)
I decided to build an extra website for wedding photography, here it is:

nr. 4)
As I mostly take photos of singers, dancers and actors I decided to build a website called ““, which should help theatres, producers, directors,… finding artists as well as artists getting jobs or information about castings if the website is big enough, so theatres,.. will hopefully send their casting-ads to me.

EVERYONE who wants to be part of my new website just send me an e-mail with the required information about yourself (, btw, for those who are afraid there’s too much information published – you can decide yourself what information you want to write into your CV of course! This website and my work is FOR FREE in this case, so just use this source of PR too. 😉