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Daniela Harbauer

February 15, 2018

Daniela Harbauer, © Isabell Schatz

I already photographed Dana Harbauer some years ago in my studio. As she is an awesome dancer and has a very beautiful body, we also took some dance photos besides portraits back then – in case you’d like to see them, you can either go to my own website or visit Dana’s website.

Actually I “know” Dana already since she was in school (PCA) because of her outstanding dancing, so I was looking forward to meet her little family now too! This time Dana needed new portraits after the baby break, as she is planning to go back to working as a dancer and singer again.

Daniela Harbauer, © Isabell Schatz

As it has turned out to be very helpful having ALL of the wardrobe close enough and being able to change the outfits, we took Dana’s portraits at her home. It worked out totally fine shooting her portraits in the living room, as I of course have brought my professional studio equipment with me and we had some fun. :-)

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Sandra Maria Miklautz

October 13, 2016

Sandra Maria Miklautz

I first saw Sandra on stage in 2001, when she was still studying at the Performing Center Austria. “Magic to do” was a great show, directed and choreographed by the phantastic Alonso Barros. Later that year Sandra played in “Crazy Love”, a very cute new (in 2001) musical at the Wiener Metropol. Since then she has worked for the Vereinigte Bühnen Wien, did a lot of freelance work and is also teaching dance-classes. In case you have seen “Das Orangenmädchen” – a beautiful little musical at the Off-Stage theatre in 2008/2009, based on the book of Jostein Garder, Sandra played the title role.

Sandra Maria Miklautz

And now, finally – 15 years later after getting to know her – I had the pleasure to take Sandra’s portraits! 🙂 Such a beautiful face! We tried different kind of outfits (that’s the advantage of shooting at somebody’s home instead of a studio) until we finally started taking photos of Sandra wearing her nightgown, which worked perfectly well for me, as she seems to be a very open, passionate woman. If you want to find out more about Sandra herself, please also visit her own website. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed shooting!

Sandra Maria Miklautz


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Verena Schweng

February 19, 2016

Finally I’ve had enough time do some portrait shoots again! Even if it was quite cold (and even wet that day) actress/singer VERENA SCHWENG was brave enough to book an outdoor shoot this January!


We were very lucky with the light, as the sun was kind enough to twinkle through the cloudy sky, which wasn’t bad for portraits either, though I would have been happier if the drizzling rain had stopped a bit earlier. Nevertheless we got some nice, quite colorful shots under or without different roofs! 😉


Verena is a very open-minded and cheerful, strong woman, so I had a lot of fun taking her photos; and after that we went for a coffee/tea and went on with talking! 🙂


Thank you very much for the beautiful afternoon, Verena! I hope my photos will help getting great jobs – and when Verena’s new website is online, I’ll let you know! Until then I hope you enjoy watching the slideshow below and look at the photos we took!

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Leonie-Carolina Adam

July 29, 2013


Definitely TOO hot outside!
Anyway Leonie-Carolina Adam was brave enough to book a photoshoot, so we walked through the 1st district to take some photos! She did a very good job with not sweating (saved lots of time for retouching *g*),  and is a photogenic, beautiful girl with great eyecolor and amazing hair (oh, I wish I’d have her hair!!). We found some nice places for pictures – please scroll down to see our work!

Leonie-Carolina seems to be very talented, as she is only 19 and already passed the official actors examination, so I’m curious to see her sing and play and dance too! It was a great time shooting with her, her own website will be online again in autumn, I hope I remember posting the link here – in between please enjoy the photos below!

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Nina Weiß

November 29, 2011

This month I had the pleasure to take photos of two singers/dancers/actors I already “know” since a very long time and already photographed a reeeeaaaally long time ago. One of those two is Nina Weiß, she has played in many shows of the “Vereinigte Bühnen Wien”, she’s a phantastic dancer – one of my favorite female dancers, it’s such a pleasure to see her on stage, having fun! – and finally gets the chance to sing and play main characters too (long time since being second cast “narrator” in “Joseph…” at the Raimundtheater), like “Eponine” in “Les Misérables” in Baden this summer, playing very successful at “Singing in the rain” and soon will be the main character in “Sweet charity” in Baden (Stadttheater Baden), Premiere is on January 14th next year. It’s so good to see Nina can finally show that she’s a good singer too, although it’s always a loss if someone like her is missing in the dancing ensemble of course. But she told me that her role in “Sweet charity” is very multitasking, she will have to sing and also have to dance a lot. So I’m curious already and will definitely going to watch the show, also because my favorite musical director, Werner Sobotka, is going to direct it. Ooops… wrong information, sorry about that, it’s not directed by Werner but by  Ricarda R. Ludigkeit.

We took photos already in 2002? 2003? Well, a long time ago. 🙂 Though they are still ok I think, but of course I’m happy we took some new ones, as I really like Nina, and it’s always nice meeting her. Nina is such a nice, open, friendly and positive girl. If you are “twilight”-fan (if not, read the books!) – she reminds me of Alice Cullen. 😉 Ok, without the foresight, but with talent for singing and dancing. 🙂

Nina needed new head-shots and brought different tops, we also took photos with other shirts, but the blue pullover was absolutely the best, looked perfect with Nina’s blue eyes! So, here are the pictures, have a look.

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Talent: Marcus Richter

July 14, 2011

I love to watch people dance. 🙂 So about two years ago I was watching a show of Performing Center Austria where some students, performing talents and some other dancers were presenting their programmes for a dance competition. Marcus also had a solo performance in this show and I was already wondering, wow, great, WHO is this? 🙂

About a month ago Jacqueline Braun told me about Marcus when I was looking for a dancer for new photos. 🙂 So we started e-mailing, and yesterday I finally had the pleasure to take his pictures! And how amazing was that!! Marcus did gorgeous things, looking incredible graceful. Some of it looked really dangerous, but everything went well – thank goodness!! With dangerous I mean doing things like a cartwheel without using his hands (in my SMALL studio space!!), or there’s also another jump that still makes me shake my head. How is this working – taking both of his legs and still being able to land on his feet?!? If you scroll down to the slideshow you’ll find the two photos I’m talking about.

Some photos were really hard to get because the movements were too fast and very difficult to catch (but I guess some things just need to be at a certain speed, otherwise it wouldn’t work), some were complicated because I had to find out which one is the best moment in a motion sequence, so he had to do them again and again (without complaining, but I have to say now that all of the dancers I photographed until now were unbelievably disciplined and motivated, willing to do jumps and poses again and again, just great to work with!); other things he could do like in slow motion or just stay in that position.

He jumped, and jumped, and jumped… four hours later we decided it’s time for lunch, after that we continued taking pictures until we finally stopped after about 8 hours of shooting (including lunch) – I’m still surprised about his obviously endless amount of energy and this stunning perfection. As I have already taken a lot of dancing photos it’s getting harder to find new poses and jumps that aren’t already on my website – but he suggested new things again and again, we tried to convert existing poses and also used a fog machine.

So I’m very happy with the results, Marcus is such a talented guy – unbelievable that he only turned 18 about a month ago! I’m really grateful for getting to know him and getting the chance to work with Marcus, a very likeable person! We are planning to try some photos outdoors, probably next week, I hope his muscle soreness has disappeared until then, he told me today that he’s feeling like a steam train ran over him – I’m so sorry for all the pain and exhaustion, but it paid off for sure – just have a look at the photos! I’m so looking forward to the next time! 🙂 And of course very curious about Marcus’ future career. 😉

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Photography in general and some nudes.

July 9, 2011


I have fought long enough and I just can’t do this any longer. I’ve worked hard on becoming a good photographer. I worked hard on getting enough jobs to survive. I fought through all the legal and business stuff you need to know. I tried to deal with all kind of personal problems coming along with being your own boss and especially all the problems I had personally with being a portrait photographer. I’ve struggled a very long time with deciding either to give up or trying for another year, and believe me, it was never an easy decision, I thought over it for years, changed my opinion again and again and here I am, still taking pictures, still struggling. Some people supported me, and many just didn’t, some others even started to destroy my business – all the work, effort, time and money I already put into for many years. 

I can’t fight forever and I simply don’t have enough energy and strength for this anymore. So yes, I give up.”
June 3rd, 2011

The first passage is the beginning of a blogpost I wrote on the third of June. Later then I decided to give myself a bit more time, and that the solution to most of my problems (instead of changing my profession at once) will be trying to get into other branches of photography, like advertising photography – I already did some advertising photos like musicalposters/PR-photos. So in case you know people working at ad agencies – let me know, or let them know about my work – thanks! I’m rebuilding my website right now (a looooooot of work!) and already applied at one ad agency. I’m glad my photos were ok, but I needed to have a nude photo too, to complete my portfolio, which kind of frightened me because I don’t have experience in this category of photography. I thought my only chance to get GOOD photos is combining it with dance photography, as I love dance photography where it’s also important to make the body look gorgeous (which isn’t too hard because dancers most of the time have the body you would want as a “normal” person :-), but of course they are working hard for that). So I wanted something really special, like a male dancer on pointe shoes, which isn’t easy to find as men usually don’t wear pointe shoes (or can dance with it :-), AND is ok with getting naked (or LOOK naked on the photos) in front of a camera. But thanks to Jacqueline Braun I found two dancers!

Nicola Gravante (I already photographed him 2-3 years ago), a pretty guy, a good dancer with classical background who even has had time the next day! So we took some dancing photos at my studio and he was really doing great! Thanks again, Nico, especially for being so relaxed! I’m very grateful for your help and for letting me post your photos! I like those at the wall most, what a wonderful idea to do poses there! And sorry for all the pain you had to endure, I’m sure it’s painful to stand on those shoes…

fortunately that’s not what the agency wanted…I wanted to have those photos as special as possible (for nude photography, and I really like the result!), but they needed something more commercial, so the suggestion was to take one of those “American Beauty”-rose-petal-pictures. I know that there are already thousands of photos like this, so I tried to keep the concept but make it a bit more special. So I did the required rose-petal-photo AND another one with feathers, which was much more fun. 🙂 Especially pouring 1 kg of white fluffy feathers on the floor. 🙂 It looked amazing, and I would have loved to throw myself into it. 🙂 Birgit (my model), Britta Tess (the make-up-artist) and Eva (my assistant) did an amazing job – thanks, guys! Though cleaning up was NOT very funny later, the feathers were EVERYWHERE. But the picture is cool. 🙂

Please scroll down to see all of the photos! Another blogpost with Adrian’s photos will follow if I have his final ok, he’s the second dancer, we took beautiful dancing photos (dressed) 😉 with/without pointe-shoes.

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