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Adrian Cunescu

July 18, 2011

Now, as promised, a second blogpost – the follow-up shooting with Adrian Cunescu after having taken photos of Nicola Gravante with pointe shoes. As the ad agency wanted other nude photos than those combined with dance photography, and I didn’t want to cancel the shoot with Adrian on short notice (and because I just looove dance photography) we decided to take some dancing photos anyway, but dressed. 😉 I’m very happy Adrian offered to sacrifice his first day off after two months! He’s a really nice guy and did a very good job although he must have been very exhausted because of all the rehearsals and shows at the “Volksoper” where he is dancing, AND although one of his legs was injured. Nevertheless he borrowed pointe shoes, squeezed in there and did some wonderful poses and jumps for the photos. Thanks Adrian! What a pleasure, such beauty! Just have a look at the slideshow!

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Talent: Marcus Richter

July 14, 2011

I love to watch people dance. 🙂 So about two years ago I was watching a show of Performing Center Austria where some students, performing talents and some other dancers were presenting their programmes for a dance competition. Marcus also had a solo performance in this show and I was already wondering, wow, great, WHO is this? 🙂

About a month ago Jacqueline Braun told me about Marcus when I was looking for a dancer for new photos. 🙂 So we started e-mailing, and yesterday I finally had the pleasure to take his pictures! And how amazing was that!! Marcus did gorgeous things, looking incredible graceful. Some of it looked really dangerous, but everything went well – thank goodness!! With dangerous I mean doing things like a cartwheel without using his hands (in my SMALL studio space!!), or there’s also another jump that still makes me shake my head. How is this working – taking both of his legs and still being able to land on his feet?!? If you scroll down to the slideshow you’ll find the two photos I’m talking about.

Some photos were really hard to get because the movements were too fast and very difficult to catch (but I guess some things just need to be at a certain speed, otherwise it wouldn’t work), some were complicated because I had to find out which one is the best moment in a motion sequence, so he had to do them again and again (without complaining, but I have to say now that all of the dancers I photographed until now were unbelievably disciplined and motivated, willing to do jumps and poses again and again, just great to work with!); other things he could do like in slow motion or just stay in that position.

He jumped, and jumped, and jumped… four hours later we decided it’s time for lunch, after that we continued taking pictures until we finally stopped after about 8 hours of shooting (including lunch) – I’m still surprised about his obviously endless amount of energy and this stunning perfection. As I have already taken a lot of dancing photos it’s getting harder to find new poses and jumps that aren’t already on my website – but he suggested new things again and again, we tried to convert existing poses and also used a fog machine.

So I’m very happy with the results, Marcus is such a talented guy – unbelievable that he only turned 18 about a month ago! I’m really grateful for getting to know him and getting the chance to work with Marcus, a very likeable person! We are planning to try some photos outdoors, probably next week, I hope his muscle soreness has disappeared until then, he told me today that he’s feeling like a steam train ran over him – I’m so sorry for all the pain and exhaustion, but it paid off for sure – just have a look at the photos! I’m so looking forward to the next time! 🙂 And of course very curious about Marcus’ future career. 😉

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April 30, 2011

Some time ago I watched the latest show produced by Performing Center Austria: “Seussical – the musical”. There was a beautiful pas de deux with Eva Prenner and Peter Knauder, so I asked both of them to let me take photos of them dancing (or doing poses they did in this scene) in my studio. I never took dancing-photos in my (small) studio with two people, but we tried anyway. 😉 Thanks again to Eva and Peter, you were doing great! A lot of staying power, energy and ambition! They went to school during the day and came to my studio after that and Peter went back to school again after the photos to be in time for an evening class! Dancing with pointe-shoes, that’s going to be interesting for photos too, wait and see! 🙂 I just looove to take photos of dancers, it’s one of the most beautiful things at all!

Unfortunately my light concept for those photos didn’t work because I would have needed sooo much more space. I wanted to light the background in red/pink and Eva and Peter (wearing blue clothes) should have a blue touch because of low colour temperature, but my studio is just too small to do that AND leave enough space for Eva and Peter for posing… Well, I tried something else then, but I don’t really like the result now anymore. I was frustrated when my original idea didn’t work, it was “kind of” ok to light it the way it was then, but now I think it would have been sooo much better to stay simple and clean as usual, that’s just more “me”, my style of taking photos. But, well, trial and error, that happens, right? Though I like the poses they did, that’s why I’m posting the pictures anyway, even though I’m not happy with MY work, Eva and Peter were great! And later that day/evening we took some photos in the style I usually (or most of the time) take my dancing photos, so those are clearly my favourites of that day – taken with one striplight (which is only possible with very precise dancers who land/pose exactly where I tell them to, otherwise the light won’t work) and black and white or only few colour.

Those two are my favourite photos of Eva and Peter, by the way. 😉

Please scroll down to watch a slideshow of more pictures of Eva and Peter! Enjoy!

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