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April 30, 2011

Some time ago I watched the latest show produced by Performing Center Austria: “Seussical – the musical”. There was a beautiful pas de deux with Eva Prenner and Peter Knauder, so I asked both of them to let me take photos of them dancing (or doing poses they did in this scene) in my studio. I never took dancing-photos in my (small) studio with two people, but we tried anyway. 😉 Thanks again to Eva and Peter, you were doing great! A lot of staying power, energy and ambition! They went to school during the day and came to my studio after that and Peter went back to school again after the photos to be in time for an evening class! Dancing with pointe-shoes, that’s going to be interesting for photos too, wait and see! 🙂 I just looove to take photos of dancers, it’s one of the most beautiful things at all!

Unfortunately my light concept for those photos didn’t work because I would have needed sooo much more space. I wanted to light the background in red/pink and Eva and Peter (wearing blue clothes) should have a blue touch because of low colour temperature, but my studio is just too small to do that AND leave enough space for Eva and Peter for posing… Well, I tried something else then, but I don’t really like the result now anymore. I was frustrated when my original idea didn’t work, it was “kind of” ok to light it the way it was then, but now I think it would have been sooo much better to stay simple and clean as usual, that’s just more “me”, my style of taking photos. But, well, trial and error, that happens, right? Though I like the poses they did, that’s why I’m posting the pictures anyway, even though I’m not happy with MY work, Eva and Peter were great! And later that day/evening we took some photos in the style I usually (or most of the time) take my dancing photos, so those are clearly my favourites of that day – taken with one striplight (which is only possible with very precise dancers who land/pose exactly where I tell them to, otherwise the light won’t work) and black and white or only few colour.

Those two are my favourite photos of Eva and Peter, by the way. 😉

Please scroll down to watch a slideshow of more pictures of Eva and Peter! Enjoy!

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July 4, 2010

Too many pictures on my website. Definitely. But I also heard that many people like to look at all the photos. What’s the solution? A portfolio AND an archive! And that’s what I did, I put all my photos together and split them up into different categories for my portfolio, all the other photos will be in my archive (I’m going to build it soooon, it’s going to be lots of work, so it takes some time). There wasn’t so much time left the last weeks as I had some photoshoots and to edit lots of pictures. I also made a casting video with Horst Schirmbrand to try out the video-function of my Canon 5 D Mark II, and if I can help someone at the same time… 😉 Perhaps I’ll try to make videos more often, we’ll see, I think it can be fun.

Some time ago Dana Harbauer was at my studio for photos, she’s a phantastic dancer, so we also did some dancing/pointe-shoe-photos, I liked that a lot, Dana can do really cool things and has a wonderful body. The second time I did dancing photos the last month was with Astrid Gollob, another beautiful dancer, we also got some nice shots, scroll down to watch the slideshow of the new pictures!

I also took new photos of Hannes Muik which is always lots of fun! 🙂 We used some left-over plasticfoil of Astrid’s pictures. See what happened!

And there are many new photos of Stefan Reil, have a look at the slideshow.

Many (ex-)students of the “Konservatorium” were here too: Beatrice Forler, Dustin Peters, Konstantin Zander and Martina Lechner (still studying). I also photographed Barbara Wanasek, Farid Halim and my colleagues of my former workplace – HZL Nussdorf, the laboratory for pathology – at least half of them, I’ll be there again to finish my job this week.

Here are some of the new photos, enjoy them and have a look at the rest of my website! 🙂

All photos: © Isabell Schatz – any further usage or publishing prohibited!!!

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