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May 11, 2017

Last Monday I had the pleasure to follow an invitation for a short presentation about the musical “Zorro”, a musical based on the music of the “Gypsy Kings”. The show will be played this summer at Musicalsommer Winzendorf between June 22nd and July 22nd, 2017.

After a short introduction of the main characters and the ensemble by general manager Marika Lichter, some words by the producers Benedikt Karasek and Jerôme Berg three songs were presented:

1) “Baila Me” – Kurosch Abbasi (“Zorro”)
2) “Djobi Djoba” – Franziska Kemna (“Luisa”), Ana Milva Gomes (“Inez”)
3) “Bamboleo” – Ana Milva Gomes (“Inez”)

Christoph Apfelbeck unfortunately was ill that day, he will be playing “Ramon”, Martin Berger (“Sergeant Garcia”) as well as Christian Peter Hauser (“Alejandro de la Vega”) are engaged for main characters in the show.

The Ensemble:
Romina Bachlechner, Rahel Fuhrimann, Julia Hübner, Lisa Radl, Sophie Schüssler, Bianca Stocker, Sarah Zippusch, Kilian Berger, Paul Csitkovits, Florian Klein, Martin Enenkel, Rico Salathe.

Musical director: Lior Kretzer
Jam Music Lab Orchestra
Director: Andreas Gergen
Choreography: Sabine Arthold

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Musicalfest 2016

September 24, 2016

I decided to make a short blogpost for all the people who could not be at the Raimundtheater in Vienna today, and also for those who want to look at some pictures of today’s “MUSICALFEST”. 😉


Like in previous years there has been a built a big stage on the street right next to the Raimundtheater and the show programme was shown three times. This year’s singers were Ana Milva Gomes, Marjan Shaki, Drew Sarich and Oedo Kuipers.

The Songs:
“Einladung zum Ball” (Tanz der Vampire) – Drew Sarich,  “Wenn ich tanzen will” (Elisabeth) – Ana and Oedo, “Gold von den Sternen” (Mozart) – Ana, “Wie wird man seinen Schatten los” (Mozart) – Oedo, “High flying adored” (Evita) – Marjan and Drew, “Don’t cry for me, Argentinia” (Evita) – Marjan.


Of course there was also a lot to see inside the theatre – three songs of the new musical “Schikaneder” have been performed by the original cast – Premiere will be next Friday, Sept. 30th at the Raimundtheater. Tickets are available here. As I’m going to watch the full show next week, I decided I’d better wait until then. 😉

If you want to look at more photos or have some prints, please go to my website => shop – there you can find more. And here’s also the usual slide show of some of the available photos!

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“Natürlich blond” (= Legally Blonde), part II

February 13, 2013

IMG_4851Barbara Obermeier

Part II? Because there has also been a blogpost about the Cast Presentation, if you want to read about it, please click here. 😉

Although I absolutely don’t have time right now (BUT I’m offering some portrait shoot-dates in March!!! Please go to my website for more information, dates can be found in the booking calendar), I decided to follow the invitation and have a look at the new production of the “Vereinigte Bühnen Wien” at the Ronacher: “Natürlich blond”.

A4395Sissi Gruber, Christian Struppeck

The previews have become even more entertaining now since Sissi Gruber (and Christian Struppeck) are giving additional information about the show. What we have learnt today:  Studying in Harvard costs 30.000 Dollars per year. That the dogs have their own room backstage (and they are defending it!!!) at the Ronacher, that “Brutus” is a female dog (in this case), and that the dogs don’t care about the language (even though they have worked in London before) but more about the music and how the actors behave. And that the Ensemble/dog-“cuddling hour” each day during rehearsals was very popular, more than enjoying an hour of exhausting jump-rope-training which was scheduled for the same time for the other one of two groups. 🙂
Understandable – in case you like dogs.

Those who already know the show and are wondering how the song “Gay and European” is called now – it’s “Schwul und französisch”. 😉

IMG_4139Alexander Goebel & Ensemble

The Cast presented four songs: “Was du willst”, “Blut in den Kiemen”, “So viel besser” and “Natürlich Blond Remix”. Actually I have to say that I liked “So viel besser”.

IMG_4066Barbara Obermeier & Ensemble

The show seems to be fast-paced, a lot of dancing, which could be a good thing for me as the music is not the best I’ve ever heard, but it doesn’t seem to be so important if someone (like me) is distracted enough by the fast movements, the colours, the costumes, the light, and the stage design (which I liked a lot, btw). There’s always a lot going on, at least in those four songs that were presented today. Of course the ensemble is doing an awesome job, still I can’t really say much about someone in particular as I’m focussing on catching scenes I haven’t seen before (or for the first time some minutes ago), finding out what’s going on (and where exactly the focus should be on), where’s the best light, finding the right exposure VERY fast due to changing light and moving dancers. So you will have to watch the show and form an opinion about “Natürlich Blond” yourself. Oh, and it was such a pleasure to see Jurriaan Bles on stage again too! Long time since “Joseph”! 🙂 I love to watch people enjoying their job that much! If you want to have detailed information about the cast, please have a look at my theaterarchiv-blog. 

IMG_4102 Barbara Obermeier & Ensemble
IMG_4476Daniel Rakasz, Ana Milva Gomes & Ensemble

IMG_4630Daniel Rakasz, Ana Milva Gomes & Ensemble

After the four songs (including a funny Irish Dance-scene with a very muscular “UPS-Guy” and Ana Milva Gomes with awesome hair, btw 🙂 ) have been presented, we were taking group photos in different combinations, and interviews were given.

IMG_4928Ana Milva Gomes
IMG_4932Barbara Obermeier

At that time I also could to talk a bit to Linda Geider, as my first Legally-Blonde-blogpost was a lot about her. 😉 Still a funny, very likable person! 🙂 Why she needs a wig, if her natural hair looks the same? The surprising answer: Because it’s faster when everything has to be changed during the show. Probably the same reason why Barbara Obermeier needs to wear a wig although her hair has been dyed to blonde before…

IMG_4836Barbara Obermeier & Linda Geider
IMG_4865Linda Geider
IMG_4716Main Characters of “Natürlich Blond”:
Sanne Mieloo, Linda Geider, Hendrik Schall, Jörg Neubauer, Barbara Obermeier, Ana Milva Gomes, Alexander Goebel

Unexpectedly I also got the chance to exchange a few words with Fritz Schmid (a “Blondin”, as we also have learnt today, a word formerly used for blonde men) who was a successful singer/actor and extended his job/changed to working as the evening director at the Ronacher. I’m always curious how people who (probably) loved their jobs are dealing with changing to another profession, as I’m also studying now to become a pharmacist. I wish I had asked that too. It must be much harder to be close to a job you’ve liked a lot before, than being completely away like I am planning to.

Well, enough of the talking, here are some pictures! If you want to watch “Natürlich blond” – premiere is on February 21st, 2013, you can get your tickets here.

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Legally Blonde Cast Presentation

November 15, 2012

November 15th, 2012, “Legally Blonde” Cast Presentation.

Actually, I don’t really like the music I’ve heard of this show so far, nevertheless I wanted to know  who’s playing and take some new pictures although I don’t have lots of time at the moment. Still I have to say it was quite nice! First of all because actor Christopher Ryan was there too (of course 😉 ). As I’ve photographed him last year and he’s a really nice guy, we talked for a while. Lisa Antoni, a singer I like a lot, was also there, as well as Mark Seibert, I think I saw Sonja Atlas on the balcony and Christian Peter Hauser in the distance, but I’m not sure about those two. Of course Barbara Obermeier’s agent, Doris Fuhrmann was there and also Michael Staringer from Diabelli Management.

Christian Struppeck introduced the Cast with short interviews, at least the main characters, after the two songs he also told us the names of some of the dancers, unfortunately the names are not on the papers we got.

By the way – some time ago I started to build a new Website, or rather blog, called “theaterarchiv” where you can find information about shows, and in extension also pages of actors/singers/dancers, but my focus is on the shows. I think I “already” typed in about 35 shows – not a lot, but still a beginning. The beginning of a… well…project of a century?! I already posted the link on my facebook-page a while ago, HERE’s the direct way to “Legally Blonde” if you want detailled information about the roles, but here’s a short list of the names: Barbara Obermeier, Jörg Neubauer, Ana Milva Gomes, Hendrik Schall, Linda Geider, Sanne Mieloo, Daniel Rakasz, Birgit Wanka, Sidonie Smith, Anja Haeseli, Anna Carina Buchegger, Anouk Roolker, Gabriela Ryffel

Ok, back to the cast presentation. Today’s star was definitely Linda Geider for me. I knew her name and face, but never met her or heard her sing. Her interview was quite funny, as Christian Struppeck asked Linda if she has already practiced a lot to jump rope, as this is part of her role as fitness queen, her answer was very funny or perhaps kind of desperate (?!) that she HAS to. 🙂 Ok, it was funnier to listen to the conversation, but Linda seems to be a very funny person in general, I also noticed this later when the TV-interviews started on the stage. Always joking, laughing, smiling – very likable. Another funny thing during the interview was the presentation of THE ROPE. Yes. 🙂 A very special one, which makes enough noise on the stage, and must hurt a lot if you hit your legs with it, as it is made out of smaller (plastic?)pieces. Linda presented it in a way usually stewardesses inform about safety instructions, matching Christian Struppeck’s description.  But what made her a star today? Jumping rope with high heels – respect! As I can’t even walk with shoes like these I always admire dancers who can jump and dance and run with those shoes, but the show today during Linda’s interview topped all I’ve seen so far. 🙂

After the presentation the cast showed us two songs with choreography: “Oh my god” (“Oh mein Gott”) und “So much better” (“Soviel besser”) – thanks, Anna for this additional information! Of course also the rest of the cast did a very good job, especially after only one day (?) of rehearsal. The actor on this picture (Elle’s boyfriend) is a walk in cover: Jörn Felix Alt (thanks Elisabeth for this information!) and of course Barbara Obermeier as “Elle”. Later then we could take a group photo of the cast and then TV/radio interviews started on the stage, where I also took some photos of the actors.

Here’s the slideshow – enjoy! 😉

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Sister Act, Vienna (VBW) – press preview

September 4, 2011

Press preview for the musical “Sister Act” at the Ronacher! The cast played four scenes/songs of the show:

“Fabelhaft, Baby”, “Ich mach sie kalt”, “Singt hinauf zum Himmel”, “Sonntagmorgenfieber”. There was already a cast-change: Brigitte Neumeister was replaced by Dagmar Hellberg, she is playing “Mutter Oberin” now – I really like Dagmar Hellberg, when I first heard her singing on the “Freudiana”-CD and later then during my diploma project at the “Jekyll & Hyde”-rehearsals. Great voice, though she hasn’t much to sing in this show… 😦

I’m sure Ana Milva Gomes will be a phantastic “Dolores”, what a wonderful voice!! Drew Sarich is well known here anyway, so I guess I don’t have to say a lot about his performance yesterday! Though I saw movements and faces I haven’t seen in combination with Drew before. 🙂 Very funny, I’m sure he will be a gangster you just have to like! His new beard he got for the show is, well, funny but looks surprisingly good, I have to admit. 🙂 I don’t know why, but I like it. 🙂

Kathy Tanner as “Mary Lazarus” will be very amusing to watch too, Barbara Obermeier is playing “Mary Roberts”, Sonja Atlas “Mary Patrick” , Martin Berger “Joey”, Arcangelo Vigneri “Erkan”, Bernhard Viktorin “TJ”, Michael Schönborn “Monsignore O’Hara”, and Thada Suanduanchai “Eddie Fritzinger” – what a name! 🙂 Poor guy will be misspelled very often, I guess, but he seems to be a very cute Eddie, assuming from taking photos after the show at the foyer.

The stage design and light is AMAZING, a pleasure to look at. Beautiful colors, wonderful light effects. I already watched the show in Hamburg this year (another blogpost with a “behind the scenes”-shooting with Hamburg’s 2nd cast of “Mary Patrick”, Yvonne Köstler will follow soon), and the stage and the costumes were really impressive, I think it’s the same here.

After the scenes were shown, we got the chance to take group photos with the actors or while they were being interviewed. I’m very happy Drew was so nice to come with me and let me take some photos near the window where the light and the background was better. Have a look at the photos of “Drew and the Lolly” below in the slideshow. 🙂

Premiere will be on September 15th, Ronacher, Seilerstätte 9, 1010 Wien, here’s also the link to the official website of the VBW where you can buy tickets and get some information about the show.

And here’s the link to the press conference of “Sister Act” with Whoopi Goldberg!

Martin Bruny is also going to write about “Sister Act” at kultur-channel, go there too!

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