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Charles Kreische

November 16, 2017

So far I’ve photographed six awesome singers playing “Alfred” through the years, but I noticed that there was only one “Herbert” as far as I know of my customers careers!  So I was very happy that I had the honor to also meet and portray the reigning “Herbert” of this years production of “Tanz der Vampire”  – Charles Kreische, a handsome, very young singer/actor who has just finished his training at the Joop van den Ende Academy in Hamburg.

I got to know him as a very polite, kind person, so it was easy to get along really well. Although this has been his first personal photoshoot, he did a very good job and I enjoyed that afternoon very much.

I absolutely have to watch the show when there’s finally some time left, as I am curious now to see him on stage too! If you want to know more about Charlie, please also visit his facebook-page, where you can even watch a video of his transformation to a beautiful blonde vampire.

As it was getting colder and colder outside I simply took my studio-equippment with me to the Ronacher, although I also shot many photos there with natural light only. We thankfully got permission to use this awesome building as a shooting location, because we both love those gray structured concrete walls, and even took some pictures outside at the roof-terrace.

Shooting on location is also much more interesting for me as a photographer than working in a studio – finding solutions for different light situations, exploring the city or using structured or painted walls in flats or houses is so much more fun!

And here are more of my favorite pictures of that day – enjoy! 🙂

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Peter Knauder, IV

October 26, 2017

I already know Peter since 2011, so this September we took photos for the already fourth time – and this shooting should mean a lot more to me later than I expected on that day. A big thank you to Peter again for that afternoon – you’re awesome!

If you want to look at the photos we took in 2011 too, please click on this link and scroll down there.

Peter was very excited about the shoot and got tons of ideas for what to wear – and I’m always astounded by the creativity of his wardrobe choices, and they sometimes also make me smile. 🙂 So it’s always a pleasure working with him. Actually it’s more like playing and trying things, and that’s what I especially love about photography.

Peter also is very committed to fitness training, so of course we tried to make his already perfect body look best. Lots of skin and muscles this time and more of a fashion-style than in the portrait work I usually do, so I hope you enjoy the photos too!

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Richard Panzenböck

September 10, 2016

Richard and I have definitely taken a lot of photos together so far – and I enjoyed every single time, as he is one of the most relaxed and funniest people I know! 🙂

I have no idea how he manages all the different things/jobs he’s doing all the time: Acting, costume designing – and especially being a very busy, successful puppeteer with his own show “Paperman” after winning the 2nd prize in RTL’s “Die Puppenstars”.

Richard is a very good looking “vampire” (Martina Bruckner-Nöhrer: Thanks for the phantastic make-up!) and I would have loved to watch a movie like “Twilight” with him even more. 🙂

Some years ago Richard helped me with one of my projects called “Papergirl & Plasticboy” (Everything except my two models was either plastic or paper! Hair & Make-up again by Martina Bruckner-Nöhrer) during a workshop about fashion photography and an exhibition – the clothes  Birgit and Stefan are wearing are all made out of paper and plastic, designed by Richard – I think he did an awesome job here as well, so thanks again! 🙂 Here’s the last (wedding) photo of this series:


This summer we took some portraits outdoor in a rather quick shooting, here’s one of my favourites of that day, more in the slideshow below!



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Aris Sas – once again

September 23, 2015


… and hopefully again and again. 🙂

On Sept. 19th I have not only been at the Raimundtheater to take some pictures at the “Musicalfest” (photos are available in my new shop), but also had the pleasure to meet one of my favourite actors once again for taking his new headshots, as he changed his look significantly.


In case you are visiting my blog regularly, you’ll know that we already have had several portrait-shoots together and that I enjoyed it a lot! 🙂 Look at more photos of Aris here and here too.

Actually we planned on taking the new headshots in front of Vienna’s townhall, but unfortunately the “Rathausplatz” was not accessible at all due to the Vienna Masters-Event and horses everywhere… so we had to find another place very fast, but nevertheless got some nice pictures, have a look yourself!

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Florian Resetarits

March 29, 2013

Stupid weather. Usually I don’t care about rain or snow (still better than summer heat!) except I have to modify shooting plans because of it… Nevertheless we found a place indoors for this shoot, but also went outside for…well, perhaps 30 minutes?


This time I had the pleasure to get to know Florian Resetarits (singer/actor), arriving exactly on schedule as everyone I met from the “Konservatorium Wien Privatuniversität” so far. 🙂 It was fun to shoot again after a long time (another blogpost about last Sunday’s family portrait session will follow next week, but you can already see some photos on my facebook-page), as I’m studying pharmaceutics now and don’t have any time left to do jobs except now and then in the holidays. That’s also why there aren’t many shoot-dates, but either April 4th or 5th is still available for booking (more information here), next shoot-dates will probably be offered in August.


Florian is doing classical concerts a lot, so he is wearing a suit on most of the pictures. As there wasn’t too much light indoors I had to additionally use a little flashlight, but tried to create a very natural looking light mood with a softbox, or reflecting it off white walls around us, because Florian originally wanted to take photos outdoors. I hope you like the pictures too – Florian has had a very hard time deciding which photos NOT to order. 😉

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The last shoot in my own studio

March 5, 2012

If you are reading my Facebook-page or my blog regularly, you already know that I decided to close my studio and shoot exclusively outdoor or on location for the next years. I made two slideshow-videos to show some examples, if you’re interested, please watch them on my website.

At the end of February I’ve had my last studio-session and I’m very happy that I got another chance to take photos of someone I appreciate a lot and just love to photograph: Aris Sas. And I swear I could see some excitement there too during the shoot, what makes me smile even more, considering Aris usually does not like being photographed. 😉

So this was a very beautiful ending of my studio-career, although Aris once again did not give me enough time… *sigh* But I’m grateful for every minute of course, as it wasn’t sure we would take photos at all, that day. We got some beautiful shots, agreed on a very classical portrait light/style, which looked amazing with Aris’ edgy face (great jawline!) and how the light was caught in his curly hair.

Most of the pictures are how I know Aris’ face already – what I like a lot and what’s also good to have for Aris of course, but the more interesting stuff is coming later, always. There are photos you will only get after some time of working with someone. You might discover something new, see a person differently, or perhaps the person is changing? I still don’t know. Doris Fuhrmann, a well known manager for actors/singers described exactly this really sweet when I asked her to write a line about my work for the “clients & sentiments”-section of my website:

“Isabell Schatz liebt Schauspieler und das merkt man in ihrer Arbeit. Sie schaut genau und entdeckt manchmal auch ganz neue, aufregende Seiten bei Künstlern.”

– but this takes time, if that happens at all. It started to be like that in the shooting with Aris after a while: Having the weird feeling that you see someone you don’t know, an expression that never appeared on that person in front of you, which leads to very interesting photos, most of the time that’s a good thing, though I’m still not sure about those last photos before we had to stop. Aris likes them, so it’s fine with me. But I wish there would have been more time left to find out more, getting the really extraordinary pictures. Although I’m starting to like that photo too.

And there’s one thing that’s driving me crazy – sitting there, watching Aris, while he scrolls through the pictures at the back of the camera, or talking, and looking incredibly gorgeous. But as soon as I raise the camera, getting some distance to being able to shoot, everything has changed again  –  the same thing only occurred with one other person too so extreme, a very pretty female dancer –  and I still haven’t found out what to do in those two cases, I just can’t catch that special beauty I saw seconds before, so I always have the bad feeling that I’m still not doing them justice although I like the pictures…besides enjoying to shoot with them that’s perhaps another reason why I want to go on and on. Because I know that’s not the absolutely best I can give to them, because I see more. More than what’s on the photos.

Well, I hope I get the chance another time (I know that’s very demanding…), shooting outdoors/on location might be easier especially for Aris (and perhaps also for the girl I was talking about). Or shooting such a long time that people are really forgetting that the camera is there too? Getting them distracted with something else they enjoy to do? I think, or better, hope, that this is the solution, and I absolutely need to try that.

So here’s my favorite photo of that shoot:

I hope you like the new photos as much as I do, please feel free to leave comments below, and now enjoy the slideshow!

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“Yes, I shoot people for a living” – Shootings 2011 and websites ;-)

December 14, 2011

Sorry, I just HAD to use this old photographer-joke. 😉 And yes, I still think it’s funny. 🙂 And I’m happy nobody got hurt – even if we take dangerous dancing pictures like those with Marcus Richter this year (have a look at the blogpost).

As I don’t have a lot of time right now and there are lots of blogposts I actually planned to write but didn’t because of a lack of time I decided now to write ONE blogpost for all the people I’ve photographed (in 2011) which already have their own website, excluding those shootings that already have their own blogpost. So I’m uploading some photos here, you’ll find the link below that is leading to this person’s website. I already posted some of those links on my facebook-site, so in case you want to be informed what I’m working on currently, just click “like” HERE.

Of course there are many more I’ve photographed this year, but I didn’t find a website then- if you have one though, please send me the link and I’ll post it here!

Sometimes websites are in planning mode right now, so I’m only posting few photos here and the link will follow as soon as those websites are online.

One of those websites will be the one of SARAH SCHERER, I took photos of her yesterday. Beautiful girl, we had fun, and here’s the result:

The week before I photographed MAXI NEUWIRTH (Cast of “Sister Act”)  – as the new photos aren’t on her website right now, I’ll only post my two favorite photos here:

JULIA JELINEK was already photographed by me two times, one of the photos of the last shoot has been published on a full page in “Seitenblicke Magazin”, here’s the link to her website and here are my favorite photos:

Another actress I’ve photographed this year (again) is FRANZISKA HACKL, unfortunately she doesn’t have a website right now, but I like her photos a lot, so I’m posting some here, and post the link to her management here. By the way, she’s a winner of this year’s Nestroypreis (for best young actress…well, I think it was for actors too, so I just write it in German “Bester Nachwuchs” ;-).

MARTIN BERMOSER I’ve also already photographed twice (funny guy!), here’s the link to his website and here are my favorite pictures of this year’s shoot.

Another handsome guy I had the pleasure to photograph this year is MARCEL BRAUNEIS, currently playing “Rusty” in “Starlight Express” in Bochum. Here’s the link to his website, and my favorite photos:

This year I also took photos of vocal coach WOLFGANG WATZKA, here’s the link to his website and one of the photos!

Doris Fuhrmann gave me the chance to photograph another famous actress – MARESA HÖRBIGER. It was such a pleasure, she is really really nice! We took photos at her beautiful house. As she doesn’t have a website, here’s the link to Doris Fuhrmann’s website.

STEFANIE REINSPERGER, another very talented young actress was at my studio for photos too. Here’s the link to her website and my favorite photos:

PATRIZIA STIEGLER is still at school, but I had the pleasure to photograph her again this year! Here’s the link to her website (though I’m not responsible for the additional editing of the photos), and here’s my favorite photo of this years shoot:

NADINE GABRIEL also was here for the second time, when we took photos in 2008 I lived at the 9th district and had a great backyard for taking photos, though time has passed and actors/singers/dancers always need new pictures, so here’s a photo of the most recent shoot, more soon on her own website! (But the front picture is already one of the new photos we took!)

DANIELA MOSER also was here for the second time, she already put the new photos on her own website, so here’s the link – have a look at her new photos there, and here’s my favorite one of this year’s shoot:

At the beginning of this year I took photos of singer MIRJAM NEURURER, here’s the link to her website, and one of my favorite photos!

Thanks to Michael Staringer I had the pleasure to get to know JOHANNA KRÄUTER, a lovely person. Here’s the link to her website and my favorite photos:

BETTINA BOGDANY was already here for photos years ago and it was nice meeting her again! We even got to shoot twice this year – her portraits for her own website, and then again for the PR-photos for “The last 5 years”, I made another blogpost for that shooting.

I also got to know KAROLINE KÖGL this year, here’s the link to her website. We also took some very colorful photos I like a lot, like this one:

I also took photos of DENISE JASTRAUNIG, one of my favorite singers! It’s always fun to shoot her, I think we really got some nice shots for her website (and mine too 😉 ), have a look:

Another dancer I photographed this year is SUSANNE BRANDSTETTER. I really do love taking dancing photos. Susanne also has her own website, so have a look there, but here’s one of the photos I like a lot:

I also got to know LUTZ STANDOP this year, here’s the link to his website and two really different photos! ;-):

Sometimes I really like outdoor-shootings, like the one of JULIA KRONENBERG (or also the one with Charlotte Krempl, here’s the link to the blogpost I made), it was lots of fun to walk around with her and one of her friends. Naschmarkt (and surroundings) was a great location, so we got some really nice shots. Please go to her website and look at more photos, here are some of my favorites:

Another very pretty actress I had the pleasure to meet and photograph this year is PIA BARESCH. Though it was kind of stressful because I had to be back at university in time, Pia was very kind and we got some really nice pictures. We took photos at Stadtpark and in her beautiful flat. Oh yes, and of course at the basement garage!! That’s actually my favorite picture! 🙂 Look at more photos at her own website.

PAUL MARESCH is another actor I’ve photographed this year for the second time. Actually a good thing many of my models come back to me for photos! Thanks to all of them! This also helps the photos, if I already have taken photos of someone before. Unfortunately Paul doesn’t have a website until now, but I found a very nice casting-video on youtube, so if you are interested, have a look here.