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More Vampires! :-)

February 16, 2012

I know, I already have a lot of vampire-pictures. 🙂 Let me think. A few of Gernot Romic, then the session in the cellar, another one at my studio with some props, but vampires never get boring, so here are once again photos at my studio, but more neutral ones which is more my style, although I love the older photos too, I had the feeling that I should use my studio as long as I still have it. So today’s models have been Manuel Stoff, currently playing at “Ich war noch niemals in New York”, but he also was Cover “Alfred” in Hamburg some years ago and Ensemble in “Tanz der Vampire” and still had his fake-teeth. 🙂 Pretty cool, as those were made by a dentist. In this blogpost you can see portraits I took of him last week. Didn’t know Manuel before, but he did a good job at both shoots. 🙂

The female model was Jennifer Csyz, who is also working as dancer, actress and singer. I already know her since some years and we took photos two times before, so I knew she would look great on the pictures, Jenny is very photogenic.

The beautiful make up and hair was done by Karli, here are also some “behind-the-scenes”-photos!

So thanks to everyone, you all did a great job, and I really like the result! And I’m sure this wasn’t my last vampire shoot. 🙂

Here’s my favorite photo with a very different editing than usual which came from a not so perfect technique while shooting this picture here, but I really loved Manuel & Jenny ‘s expression on this photo, so I tried to make the best out of it. And loved it. 🙂

Actually I edited many photos in a different way than I usually do, but I think it works with those pictures.

And here’s my second favorite photo (and also Manuel’s favorite):

More photos in the slideshow below –  enjoy!  Also feel free to leave a comment below!

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