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I am from Austria, Donauzentrum

February 2, 2018

Martin Bermoser

Actually I don’t like shopping centers. As I also don’t like shopping. Nevertheless I go there from time to time. Obviously NOT for shopping.  When I went to the Donauzentrum for the last time, I took some photos of the “Mozart!”-Cast, and this Friday a live performance with the cast of “I am from Austria” and an autograph session was announced.

So I took the chance to go there, as I still haven’t had time to watch the show at the Raimund Theater. In case you couldn’t be there too (at the Raimund Theater for the complete show or at the Donau Zentrum for some songs), here are some of the photos of this afternoon – enjoy! Btw, prints are available in my SHOP.

Oliver Arno

Irena Flury

Today’s programme was presented by Irena Flury, Martin Bermoser, Oliver Arno, Elisabeth Engstler and Andreas Steppan, and they all did a very good job with creating a good, entertaining mood even in a shopping center!

Elisabeth Engstler, Andreas Steppan, Martin Bermoser

And here’s of course the slideshow – as usual!

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May 11, 2017

Last Monday I had the pleasure to follow an invitation for a short presentation about the musical “Zorro”, a musical based on the music of the “Gypsy Kings”. The show will be played this summer at Musicalsommer Winzendorf between June 22nd and July 22nd, 2017.

After a short introduction of the main characters and the ensemble by general manager Marika Lichter, some words by the producers Benedikt Karasek and Jerôme Berg three songs were presented:

1) “Baila Me” – Kurosch Abbasi (“Zorro”)
2) “Djobi Djoba” – Franziska Kemna (“Luisa”), Ana Milva Gomes (“Inez”)
3) “Bamboleo” – Ana Milva Gomes (“Inez”)

Christoph Apfelbeck unfortunately was ill that day, he will be playing “Ramon”, Martin Berger (“Sergeant Garcia”) as well as Christian Peter Hauser (“Alejandro de la Vega”) are engaged for main characters in the show.

The Ensemble:
Romina Bachlechner, Rahel Fuhrimann, Julia Hübner, Lisa Radl, Sophie Schüssler, Bianca Stocker, Sarah Zippusch, Kilian Berger, Paul Csitkovits, Florian Klein, Martin Enenkel, Rico Salathe.

Musical director: Lior Kretzer
Jam Music Lab Orchestra
Director: Andreas Gergen
Choreography: Sabine Arthold

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Musicalfest 2016

September 24, 2016

I decided to make a short blogpost for all the people who could not be at the Raimundtheater in Vienna today, and also for those who want to look at some pictures of today’s “MUSICALFEST”. 😉


Like in previous years there has been a built a big stage on the street right next to the Raimundtheater and the show programme was shown three times. This year’s singers were Ana Milva Gomes, Marjan Shaki, Drew Sarich and Oedo Kuipers.

The Songs:
“Einladung zum Ball” (Tanz der Vampire) – Drew Sarich,  “Wenn ich tanzen will” (Elisabeth) – Ana and Oedo, “Gold von den Sternen” (Mozart) – Ana, “Wie wird man seinen Schatten los” (Mozart) – Oedo, “High flying adored” (Evita) – Marjan and Drew, “Don’t cry for me, Argentinia” (Evita) – Marjan.


Of course there was also a lot to see inside the theatre – three songs of the new musical “Schikaneder” have been performed by the original cast – Premiere will be next Friday, Sept. 30th at the Raimundtheater. Tickets are available here. As I’m going to watch the full show next week, I decided I’d better wait until then. 😉

If you want to look at more photos or have some prints, please go to my website => shop – there you can find more. And here’s also the usual slide show of some of the available photos!

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“EVITA” – Press conference

December 7, 2015


“EVITA” – Press conference

The next big musical at the Ronacher will be Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “EVITA” (Premiere: March 9th, 2016), so I went to the theatre last Wednesday for taking some photos at the press conference. The names of the three main characters have been published before already, so no big surprise (but still a pleasure!) that Drew Sarich, Thomas Borchert and Katharine Mehrling were there.


Christian Struppeck introduced and interviewed them, as well as musical director Koen Schoots. They all had to say interesting things about their leading parts, Andrew Lloyd Webber and about Vienna.




Director and Choreographer Vincent Paterson, who also directed the movie with Madonna, sent a video which we all watched together:


After the interviews some group photos were taken and more, more and more interviews were given. Fortunately I caught Drew between two interviews to get at least two photos of him alone, so here’s the one I really like a lot:


Thomas was very busy as well, nevertheless I got two more photos of him too, though I like this one better – very serious, but also works with his military character in the upcoming show.


Unfortunately it wasn’t possible for me to wait any longer for “Evita” Katharine Mehrling, as she has been kidnapped by some other photographers and not been brought back during the time I could spend there… well,  probably there will be more possibilities for photos at the press rehearsal, in case I can be there – I’m already looking forward! 🙂 And I’m also looking forward to see on stage again: Nina Weiß, Ariane Swoboda, Susanne ten Harmsen and Ronnie Wagner – which I already photographed (months/years ago); and also Jeannine Wacker, who played in one of my favorite shows: “Spring Awakening”. Another show I miss a lot and hope it will return one day… But first have a look at the slideshow below! 😉

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“Der Besuch der alten Dame”, Cast presentation

December 8, 2013


Sorry it took so long, but finally here are some more photos than those I already posted on my facebook-page directly after the  cast presentation!

Christian Struppeck introduced the cast of the musical “Der Besuch der alten Dame”, premiere will be on February 17th, 2014 at the Ronacher. If you still need to get some Christmas presents – buy tickets HERE. 😉


Christian Struppeck, Uwe Kröger


Christian Struppeck, Pia Douwes


Jeroen Phaff, Christian Struppeck, Dean Welterlen, Peter Kratochvil


Lisa Habermann, Christian Struppeck, Riccardo Greco


Marianne Curn, Christian Struppeck, Niklas Abel

Then Pia Douwes and Uwe Kröger – they are playing the main characters in this musical – presented three songs: Two solo songs and one duet (don’t ask me for the names, too much time has passed since then already…! Sorry.)




I’m especially looking forward to the stage design in this show, as Peter Davison is working again for the VBW – I absolutely loved his work for “Rebecca”, the most gorgeous stage design I’ve seen so far.

After the presentation we could take some group-photos and interviews were given, as usual.


As you’ve probably heard everything about the cast of the show everywhere else in between anyway, I just post my pictures here. 😉 Enjoy!

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“Der Hofnarr”, Asparn – and soon at the Wiener Metropol

September 8, 2013

I’ve always wanted to be a dresser in a musical, as I just loooove costumes! And theatre. Somehow photography got into my way and I chose to do theatre photography and portrait actors for a living. Nevertheless I’ve made my dream come true when I worked as a dresser in a musical called “Laura”; some years later I met Richard Panzenböck (a funny and very talented person in all kind of things) who was looking for someone to help at “KidsTV”, that led to another phantastic job – working in the artist’s dressing room at the musical “Charleys Tante” at the “Wiener Metropol” (my name is even in the official programme! *chuckle*) And as expected – I loved it!! Washing, ironing, repairing and putting the costumes in place, taking care that every actor is back on stage in time with every part of the costume, being there if someone needs help during a quick costume change, sometimes there are only a few seconds which means standing right next to the stage. Exciting!!

So I just couldn’t resist agreeing to work, when additional help for the last two shows was needed in Asparn this summer. During one show my lovely colleague explained everything to me, the next evening I tried to do most of the tasks myself under Claudias supervision, and I worked on my own for the last two shows. Exciting!!! Again!! :-) I just love that job! Thanks to the supercool team, I’ve had such a great time there!

Now more about the show! I worked at the “Filmhof Wein4tel”, this year they showed “Der Hofnarr”, a new musical (Music: Christian Deix) directed by Viktoria Schubert, based on an obviously very famous movie with Danny Kaye I still haven’t seen, but must be very funny. For those who haven’t watched the show in Asparn – there’s good news! “Der Hofnarr” will be played again in February, April and May at the “Wiener Metropol”, premiere is on February 11th, 2014. Tickets can be booked HERE.

The Cast: Alexander Jagsch, Miriam Mayr, Wolfgang Klivana, Pia Strauss, Christof Messner, Doris Hindinger, Georg Leskovich, Christian Deix, Otto Jaus, Olivier Lendl, Thomas Dapoz, Horst von Rothmar, Anna Schober.

The costumes (by Inge Stolterfoht) and make-up/hair (Karo Hatzl, Katharina Martini) is awesome and actors are perfectly casted! As I’m still a photographer (haha, if you  give me a job as a dresser you might get professional pictures along with it ;-) ) I totally couldn’t resist and talked to actor Georg Leskovich who had one of the most extraordinary costumes, so we decided that I should take my camera and a transportable flashlight (Speedlight), tripod and a small softbox with me, in case there’s some time left during the break.

IMG_7628bGeorg Leskovich: “Sir Griswold”


IMG_7647swGeorg Leskovich: “Henker”

Well, I had to do some urgent repairing, opening/closing some costumes as usually, but one can do a lot during a 20-minutes-break! :-) Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to take photos of everyone and the same kind of light doesn’t always work out with everyone, but there was simply not enough time for fine-tuning, I just want you to know that  the kind of lightsource I took with me was actually planned for Georg’s photos and worked amazing with his pictures and the background.

IMG_7674bAlexander Jagsch: “Hubert Hawkings”

IMG_7665bChristian Deix

IMG_7638bChristian Deix “Sir Christian”

IMG_7692swChristof Messner: “Lord Ravenhurst”

IMG_7669bOtto Jaus, Miriam Mayr: “Ritter”, “Captain Jean”

IMG_7657bThomas Dapoz: “Ritter”

IMG_7679bMiriam Mayr, Alexander Jagsch, Pia Strauss “Prinzessin Gwendolyn”

IMG_7656Wolfgang Klivana “König Roderick I.”

Thanks to everyone who gave me the chance for a few pictures and permission to publish them! And now – enjoy the slideshow below with some more photos! :-)

By the way, the Cast will be the same next year at the “Wiener Metropol”, so you can already look forward to watch these wonderful people on stage (I’m looking forward too, as I couldn’t watch the show so far)!

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“Natürlich blond” (= Legally Blonde), part II

February 13, 2013

IMG_4851Barbara Obermeier

Part II? Because there has also been a blogpost about the Cast Presentation, if you want to read about it, please click here. 😉

Although I absolutely don’t have time right now (BUT I’m offering some portrait shoot-dates in March!!! Please go to my website for more information, dates can be found in the booking calendar), I decided to follow the invitation and have a look at the new production of the “Vereinigte Bühnen Wien” at the Ronacher: “Natürlich blond”.

A4395Sissi Gruber, Christian Struppeck

The previews have become even more entertaining now since Sissi Gruber (and Christian Struppeck) are giving additional information about the show. What we have learnt today:  Studying in Harvard costs 30.000 Dollars per year. That the dogs have their own room backstage (and they are defending it!!!) at the Ronacher, that “Brutus” is a female dog (in this case), and that the dogs don’t care about the language (even though they have worked in London before) but more about the music and how the actors behave. And that the Ensemble/dog-“cuddling hour” each day during rehearsals was very popular, more than enjoying an hour of exhausting jump-rope-training which was scheduled for the same time for the other one of two groups. 🙂
Understandable – in case you like dogs.

Those who already know the show and are wondering how the song “Gay and European” is called now – it’s “Schwul und französisch”. 😉

IMG_4139Alexander Goebel & Ensemble

The Cast presented four songs: “Was du willst”, “Blut in den Kiemen”, “So viel besser” and “Natürlich Blond Remix”. Actually I have to say that I liked “So viel besser”.

IMG_4066Barbara Obermeier & Ensemble

The show seems to be fast-paced, a lot of dancing, which could be a good thing for me as the music is not the best I’ve ever heard, but it doesn’t seem to be so important if someone (like me) is distracted enough by the fast movements, the colours, the costumes, the light, and the stage design (which I liked a lot, btw). There’s always a lot going on, at least in those four songs that were presented today. Of course the ensemble is doing an awesome job, still I can’t really say much about someone in particular as I’m focussing on catching scenes I haven’t seen before (or for the first time some minutes ago), finding out what’s going on (and where exactly the focus should be on), where’s the best light, finding the right exposure VERY fast due to changing light and moving dancers. So you will have to watch the show and form an opinion about “Natürlich Blond” yourself. Oh, and it was such a pleasure to see Jurriaan Bles on stage again too! Long time since “Joseph”! 🙂 I love to watch people enjoying their job that much! If you want to have detailed information about the cast, please have a look at my theaterarchiv-blog. 

IMG_4102 Barbara Obermeier & Ensemble
IMG_4476Daniel Rakasz, Ana Milva Gomes & Ensemble

IMG_4630Daniel Rakasz, Ana Milva Gomes & Ensemble

After the four songs (including a funny Irish Dance-scene with a very muscular “UPS-Guy” and Ana Milva Gomes with awesome hair, btw 🙂 ) have been presented, we were taking group photos in different combinations, and interviews were given.

IMG_4928Ana Milva Gomes
IMG_4932Barbara Obermeier

At that time I also could to talk a bit to Linda Geider, as my first Legally-Blonde-blogpost was a lot about her. 😉 Still a funny, very likable person! 🙂 Why she needs a wig, if her natural hair looks the same? The surprising answer: Because it’s faster when everything has to be changed during the show. Probably the same reason why Barbara Obermeier needs to wear a wig although her hair has been dyed to blonde before…

IMG_4836Barbara Obermeier & Linda Geider
IMG_4865Linda Geider
IMG_4716Main Characters of “Natürlich Blond”:
Sanne Mieloo, Linda Geider, Hendrik Schall, Jörg Neubauer, Barbara Obermeier, Ana Milva Gomes, Alexander Goebel

Unexpectedly I also got the chance to exchange a few words with Fritz Schmid (a “Blondin”, as we also have learnt today, a word formerly used for blonde men) who was a successful singer/actor and extended his job/changed to working as the evening director at the Ronacher. I’m always curious how people who (probably) loved their jobs are dealing with changing to another profession, as I’m also studying now to become a pharmacist. I wish I had asked that too. It must be much harder to be close to a job you’ve liked a lot before, than being completely away like I am planning to.

Well, enough of the talking, here are some pictures! If you want to watch “Natürlich blond” – premiere is on February 21st, 2013, you can get your tickets here.

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