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Sarah Tuleweit III

April 2, 2016

Shooting Nr. 3 with opera singer Sarah Tuleweit! This time we went to the Kurhaus Semmering, a great location with awesome furniture, but freezingly cold this February, as there was no heating, water or energy at all.


Nevertheless Sarah was brave enough to plan a shoot out there with most of the time sleeveless (but gorgeous!) dresses and still looking beautiful as always! Would you have guessed she is already mother of a sweet little daughter?


We also tried to use the existing light for a special look, which looks much warmer than poor Sarah must have felt that day. 😉


So the white dress was my favorite look that day. Absolutely loved it!


If you want to look at more of Sarah’s photos (on stage & of our two other shoots), please visit her website too:

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Rita Sereinig and the Volksoper!

October 27, 2015

Again and again shooting portraits takes me to places where I’ve never been before! 🙂
I don’t know why I never watched a musical at the Volksoper so far, although they are being shown there regularly.


Well, yesterday I finally went there to take new portraits of Rita Sereinig. Besides singing, dancing and acting she is working as choreographer, director and right now playing in the musical “Der Mann von La Mancha”. If you want to find out more about Rita, please visit her website! I already photographed her about three years ago in my studio and outdoors, this time we met at the Volksoper, yesterday’s shoot location.


As Rita loves my ringlight and asked me to bring it, we used it a lot. 🙂 I always liked the look of it, though some agencies prefer a more natural light source. As you can see, Rita is a very chirpy person and it was a funny shoot. 🙂 Have a look yourself!



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Antje Kohler

July 31, 2014

On Tuesday I packed all my photo-stuff again – but this time my way was only a 25-minutes-cab-ride.

Singer/actress/speaker ANTJE KOHLER had asked me for headshots at her beautiful home. I really love shooting at different locations!  Pictures will always look more different that way, and I like the challenge of finding the best places/backgrounds for portraits in a flat – not only pure white for all of the pictures, but still clean enough for what most actors need: Photos for auditions, focused on the person, the face, and not a too vivid, distracting background. Lots of space is helpful most of the time, but sometimes (like in this case) a long corridor which leads into another room is just perfect.


Another advantage of shooting at someone’s home is that all of the person’s clothes are available! Antje usually dresses herself rather elegant, so she had beautiful dresses and tops, as she is also working as a singer at weddings, as background-singer  and soloist.


But we also tried to find a more casual outfit too, and after a while we did. 🙂 Photos with different stylings/types are important for applications – in general, but especially helpful for actors who need to show with just one picture that they are perfect for the one role they are applying for. So if there’s a variety of photos to choose from, the chance of being invited for an audition might be bigger. And it’s of course always nice to show different types of pictures on an actor’s/singer’s website. 🙂


Here’s one of my favorite pictures of this portrait-session, I just love the matching colors and the materials! And the cheekbones!


If you are curious now and want to find out more about Antje, or hear her sing please also visit her website:

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Martin Zauner

August 12, 2013

The next day I had the pleasure to take photos of actor Martin Zauner. He is really nice, interesting to talk to, and at the moment you can watch him play in “Cop Stories” every Tuesday on ORF. Martin is also part of the Ensemble in the “Theater in der Josefstadt”.


Martin wanted to take his portraits at the Türkenschanzpark. Still too hot that day… so we walked through this really beautiful park – I admit that I haven’t been there before…too… I really  should know that town much better!

As green trees / grass is not always the most flattering surroundings for portraits we tried to find some different backgrounds too, which was kind of hard as it wasn’t as shady as I would have loved, but Martin stayed patient and walked regardless of the heat through the park with me, where we also used the floor as photo-background. 🙂


Enjoy the photos in the slideshow below!

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July 16, 2013

Not much time for blogging, lately… Though here’s a short one with photos of another job I did in April this year, sorry it took a while.

I already had the pleasure to take pictures several times of this growing family. Jana (the wonderful German voice in many Disney-movies – like “Belle” in “Die Schöne und das Biest”, “Däumeline”, “Anastasia” just to name a few, also playing in many many musicals) and Dean (“Biest” in “Die Schöne und das Biest”, “Vince Fontaine” in “Grease” and many more shows, soon can be seen in “Catch Me If You Can”, right now he’s playing in “Der Besuch der alten Dame”, Thun, CH) currently have two lovely children, quite active ones, so in comparison to photographing grown-ups a lot more exhausting (for me), but always lots of fun. 🙂


Jana and Dean found a very nice corner close to the window in their flat, but I still needed my studio lights as it was very cloudy and rather dark outside that day – and of course very helpful to catch the kid’s movements. 😉 Jana and Dean did a very good job to keep the two girls at it, although some tears were involved when both wanted to have the same toy – awesome moment to catch shortly before that happened, have a close look on this photo! 🙂


Thanks again to Jana and Dean for letting me in to their private life. A wonderful example for how family should be!
Please scroll down to see a slideshow of more pictures, I hope you like them too!

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Marion Rottenhofer

May 14, 2013


In April I had the pleasure to meet actress Marion Rottenhofer, a beautiful woman! If you want to find out more about Marion, please have a look at her Website.


Unfortunately the weather was too bad to shoot outdoors, so we had to find a location indoors, and as Marion was rehearsing for “Die Zofen”, a play in “Neue Tribüne Wien” we got the chance to take photos there.


Wonderful idea; I always love to shoot in theatres, as it combines my two favourite things! 🙂
We found nice backgrounds for portraits, but have a look yourself!

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Florian Resetarits

March 29, 2013

Stupid weather. Usually I don’t care about rain or snow (still better than summer heat!) except I have to modify shooting plans because of it… Nevertheless we found a place indoors for this shoot, but also went outside for…well, perhaps 30 minutes?


This time I had the pleasure to get to know Florian Resetarits (singer/actor), arriving exactly on schedule as everyone I met from the “Konservatorium Wien Privatuniversität” so far. 🙂 It was fun to shoot again after a long time (another blogpost about last Sunday’s family portrait session will follow next week, but you can already see some photos on my facebook-page), as I’m studying pharmaceutics now and don’t have any time left to do jobs except now and then in the holidays. That’s also why there aren’t many shoot-dates, but either April 4th or 5th is still available for booking (more information here), next shoot-dates will probably be offered in August.


Florian is doing classical concerts a lot, so he is wearing a suit on most of the pictures. As there wasn’t too much light indoors I had to additionally use a little flashlight, but tried to create a very natural looking light mood with a softbox, or reflecting it off white walls around us, because Florian originally wanted to take photos outdoors. I hope you like the pictures too – Florian has had a very hard time deciding which photos NOT to order. 😉

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