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“EVITA” – Press conference

December 7, 2015


“EVITA” – Press conference

The next big musical at the Ronacher will be Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “EVITA” (Premiere: March 9th, 2016), so I went to the theatre last Wednesday for taking some photos at the press conference. The names of the three main characters have been published before already, so no big surprise (but still a pleasure!) that Drew Sarich, Thomas Borchert and Katharine Mehrling were there.


Christian Struppeck introduced and interviewed them, as well as musical director Koen Schoots. They all had to say interesting things about their leading parts, Andrew Lloyd Webber and about Vienna.




Director and Choreographer Vincent Paterson, who also directed the movie with Madonna, sent a video which we all watched together:


After the interviews some group photos were taken and more, more and more interviews were given. Fortunately I caught Drew between two interviews to get at least two photos of him alone, so here’s the one I really like a lot:


Thomas was very busy as well, nevertheless I got two more photos of him too, though I like this one better – very serious, but also works with his military character in the upcoming show.


Unfortunately it wasn’t possible for me to wait any longer for “Evita” Katharine Mehrling, as she has been kidnapped by some other photographers and not been brought back during the time I could spend there… well,  probably there will be more possibilities for photos at the press rehearsal, in case I can be there – I’m already looking forward! 🙂 And I’m also looking forward to see on stage again: Nina Weiß, Ariane Swoboda, Susanne ten Harmsen and Ronnie Wagner – which I already photographed (months/years ago); and also Jeannine Wacker, who played in one of my favorite shows: “Spring Awakening”. Another show I miss a lot and hope it will return one day… But first have a look at the slideshow below! 😉

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Rita Sereinig and the Volksoper!

October 27, 2015

Again and again shooting portraits takes me to places where I’ve never been before! 🙂
I don’t know why I never watched a musical at the Volksoper so far, although they are being shown there regularly.


Well, yesterday I finally went there to take new portraits of Rita Sereinig. Besides singing, dancing and acting she is working as choreographer, director and right now playing in the musical “Der Mann von La Mancha”. If you want to find out more about Rita, please visit her website! I already photographed her about three years ago in my studio and outdoors, this time we met at the Volksoper, yesterday’s shoot location.


As Rita loves my ringlight and asked me to bring it, we used it a lot. 🙂 I always liked the look of it, though some agencies prefer a more natural light source. As you can see, Rita is a very chirpy person and it was a funny shoot. 🙂 Have a look yourself!



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Aris Sas – once again

September 23, 2015


… and hopefully again and again. 🙂

On Sept. 19th I have not only been at the Raimundtheater to take some pictures at the “Musicalfest” (photos are available in my new shop), but also had the pleasure to meet one of my favourite actors once again for taking his new headshots, as he changed his look significantly.


In case you are visiting my blog regularly, you’ll know that we already have had several portrait-shoots together and that I enjoyed it a lot! 🙂 Look at more photos of Aris here and here too.

Actually we planned on taking the new headshots in front of Vienna’s townhall, but unfortunately the “Rathausplatz” was not accessible at all due to the Vienna Masters-Event and horses everywhere… so we had to find another place very fast, but nevertheless got some nice pictures, have a look yourself!

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Markus Zett

August 8, 2015


Last month I had the pleasure to meet actor MARKUS ZETT. As we are both from Upper Austria, we got along very well from the beginning, and also because Markus is a very funny guy. 🙂 I really have to watch him act in one of those improvisation-plays he’s doing from time to time. If you want to find out more about Markus, please have a look at his website. By the way, the new photos we took are already on his webpage too!


A big problem with shooting portraits outdoors was this years’ summer heat. We already postponed the shoot to another day, nevertheless the weatherforecast was 38 Degrees for Vienna. Definitely too hot, so the only solution was to start very early in the morningt for being able to work at least below the 30°C-level. So getting up at 6 was the plan for myself, but at least I don’t also have to look good. 😉 Markus was very patient and even wearing a jacket without complaining.


The best thing of shooting on Sunday morning besides the most endurable temperatures was, that there are not many people around, destroying the pictures or wasting our time with waiting for people to pass by. And IF they are around they are either funny or creepy, after having spent a night out, still drunk, shouting at his/her girl/boyfriend, so there’s always some extra entertainment between drama and comedy around – from time to time. 🙂 So it was a funny shoot altogether and I hope we got enough different pictures for Markus’ agency and the upcoming castings!

If you want to book a shoot for yourself, please have a look at my website, there are some portrait-shoot-dates available for August! And btw: We could also try to find a place inside for taking photos, in case you are afraid of the heat. 😉 Cellars, theatres or hotels are always a great choice.

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