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September 2014

June 29, 2015

aIMG_0170c Taking photos of Bjørn Christer Lemcke was so much fun I decided to put some more dates for portrait-shoots online last September. 🙂 So I had the pleasure to photograph singer/actor/speaker ANDREAS KAMMERZELT for the second time, singer/actress JASMINA SAKR and actress ALIX MARTIN. Sorry it took a while to put the pictures online, but finally here they are. 😉

aIMG_0129bAndreas Kammerzelt

If you are living in Austria and watch TV from time to time, you have probably already heard ANDREAS speak, as he is the station voice of Servus TV and also speaking for ORF, ATV, ARD, ZDF, Puls4 and of course in commercials as well. If you are curious now and want to listen to Andreas’ wonderful voice – here’s the link to his website:

alIMG_0096Alix Martin

On another day in September 2014 I got to know ALIX, an American actress and voice-over artist. Unfortunately it was raining nearly all day long, nevertheless we found a good place to shoot without getting wet. 😉 By the way, I loved the matching colors of the shirt/eye-color! If you want to find out more about Alix, please click on the link to visit her website:

jIMG_0335bJasmina Sakr

I also had the pleasure to meet JASMINA that month. If you are interested in musical theatre, you might have seen/heard her as “Julia” in “Romeo & Julia” at the Raimund Theater in Vienna or “Maria” in “West Side Story” (Komische Oper, Berlin), though she has been working in the classical genre for  the last years. And I have hardly ever met someone who could pose so easily! (Usually close-ups are the easier part. 🙂 If you are curious now for more pictures, watch the slideshow below, and in case you need new headshots/portraits yourself, please visit my website – new shoot dates are available now for this summer!

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Bjørn Christer Lemcke

September 1, 2014


As much as I love Iceland – I always wanted to see Norway too! This summer I finally went on board of a “Hurtigruten”-ship on a trip along Norway’s coast. Simply beautiful! Probably a blogpost with travel photos will follow another time, but it will take a while to choose the best.  Above you can see a picture of Trondheim, one of the stops and also hometown of  Bjørn, who I had the pleasure to get to know on the ship:


As Bjørn was here in Vienna this Saturday (*yay*! 🙂 ), I could take a few quick portraits during a mini-sightseeing-tour in the city center, of course equipped with a small flashlight, softbox and tripod, just in case there won’t be enough light in the late afternoon on that cloudy and rainy day; also to create a different look too, as I only chose two locations. I wish we had taken some photos in Norway too… 😦


Shooting handsome people like him is easy most of the time, and as a former sports student – even after a very exhausting journey – Bjørn still had enough energy and model skills; learning fast what to do to look best, and so everything went perfectly well – and it was a pleasure! 🙂


Considering we only shot about half an hour altogether we got a really good mix of different pictures! I’ve put some my favorites between the text already, as the slideshow-pictures are always so small and it’s more beautiful to look at them in full size, at least as much as this blog allows. I hope you like them as much as I do! Find the other pictures in the slideshow below and – enjoy! 🙂






Now that I’ve “tasted blood” again with shooting portraits, I just HAVE to do some more portrait jobs this summer… or to say it with Claudia’s words in “Lestat – The Musical”: “I want more!!!” 😉 If you want to book a shoot in September, just have a look at my calendar, I posted four shoot dates, and this will definitely be the last chance for shooting portraits with me in 2014.

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Antje Kohler

July 31, 2014

On Tuesday I packed all my photo-stuff again – but this time my way was only a 25-minutes-cab-ride.

Singer/actress/speaker ANTJE KOHLER had asked me for headshots at her beautiful home. I really love shooting at different locations!  Pictures will always look more different that way, and I like the challenge of finding the best places/backgrounds for portraits in a flat – not only pure white for all of the pictures, but still clean enough for what most actors need: Photos for auditions, focused on the person, the face, and not a too vivid, distracting background. Lots of space is helpful most of the time, but sometimes (like in this case) a long corridor which leads into another room is just perfect.


Another advantage of shooting at someone’s home is that all of the person’s clothes are available! Antje usually dresses herself rather elegant, so she had beautiful dresses and tops, as she is also working as a singer at weddings, as background-singer  and soloist.


But we also tried to find a more casual outfit too, and after a while we did. 🙂 Photos with different stylings/types are important for applications – in general, but especially helpful for actors who need to show with just one picture that they are perfect for the one role they are applying for. So if there’s a variety of photos to choose from, the chance of being invited for an audition might be bigger. And it’s of course always nice to show different types of pictures on an actor’s/singer’s website. 🙂


Here’s one of my favorite pictures of this portrait-session, I just love the matching colors and the materials! And the cheekbones!


If you are curious now and want to find out more about Antje, or hear her sing please also visit her website:

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Flowers, flowers and more flowers! :-)

July 30, 2014


In 2008 I got to know Steffen Teuscher, at this time he was a student at the “Akademie für Naturgestaltung” (Zwettl) and asked me to take photos of the class and their masterpieces. Some years later he has become supervisor at the “Kommunale Fachschule für Floristik” (Straubing) and I’m very happy and grateful his students chose me to take the photos of their examination for the master craftman’s diploma of floristry!

So I went there  with my assistant by train two weeks ago and stayed for 3,5 days, watched and photographed the students during their exam, while they were transforming colorful fields of flowers into wonderful artwork. It was very interesting to see what you can do with plants and how those masterpieces were made.

IMG_1799Britta Neher at work

Everyone had to make five pieces:
– a bouquet (Diameter: At least 40 cm)
– an interpretation of historical quotations
– a funeral wreath
– a bridal bouquet
– table / conversation (max. 5 qm)

It was amazing to see how much effort and time the students put into their work and every detail; they welded, they painted, they timbered. There has also been an exhibition for three days at the Karmelitenkloster and Salzstadel Straubing.

Unfortunately I can’t post every single photo – I will have to put most of the pictures into the slideshow below because there are simply too many, but anyway I chose some of them:

IMG_1190Stephanie Jäger, interpretation: “Ora et labora” (Bete und arbeite), Benedikt v. Nursia

IMG_1144Carina Höfler, interpretation (detail): “Qualis artifex pereo!”
(Welch ein Künstler geht mit mir zugrunde!), Nero

IMG_1413Monika Will, funeral wreath

IMG_2060Kathrin Grischek, bridal bouquet

IMG_2368Sina Jende, table / conversation “ligthbar”

IMG_0670One of the bouquets – I loved how they were standing in big (mostly foursquare) bowls of water! Amazing effect if you look at it from one of the corners! 🙂

Please have a look at the slideshow below – the masterpieces are made by:
Veronika Albrecht, Andrea Dirr, Kathrin Grischek, Carina Höfler, Stephanie Jäger, Sina Jende, Nicole Mußler, Britta Neher, Tina Partenheimer, Regina Schindele, Karin Stark and Monika Will.

Congratulations again for passing the exam – may you all have a life full of creativity, helpful colleagues and customers who appreciate the wonderful artwork you create!

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Bettina Mönch

July 25, 2014


I already had the pleasure to meet BETTINA MÖNCH in 2010 and loved to take her photos in my studio. Bettina is such a beautiful woman and besides that really photogenic! If you want to have a look at these pictures, please visit Bettina’s website as long as they are still online! 😉

So I was very happy we finally found a date to take photos again – with her new hairstyle! I like the darker and shorter hair, so the blue eyes are sparkling even more, that’s also why most of the pictures have a blue-ish touch.

Nevertheless I loved some very dark edited black-and-white-pictures which work very well for me, as the concentration is more on the gorgeous face shape & features instead of being dominated by colors – supported by the short hair, which still looks very female. Here’s one of my favorite pictures:

If you want to watch Bettina on stage, you can choose between “Fiona” in “Shrek” (Düsseldorf), “Evita” in – well… “Evita”, and “Reno Sweeney” in “Anything Goes” (St. Gallen). 😉 But first enjoy the slideshow with the new pictures!

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