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“Der Besuch der alten Dame”, Cast presentation

December 8, 2013


Sorry it took so long, but finally here are some more photos than those I already posted on my facebook-page directly after the  cast presentation!

Christian Struppeck introduced the cast of the musical “Der Besuch der alten Dame”, premiere will be on February 17th, 2014 at the Ronacher. If you still need to get some Christmas presents – buy tickets HERE. 😉


Christian Struppeck, Uwe Kröger


Christian Struppeck, Pia Douwes


Jeroen Phaff, Christian Struppeck, Dean Welterlen, Peter Kratochvil


Lisa Habermann, Christian Struppeck, Riccardo Greco


Marianne Curn, Christian Struppeck, Niklas Abel

Then Pia Douwes and Uwe Kröger – they are playing the main characters in this musical – presented three songs: Two solo songs and one duet (don’t ask me for the names, too much time has passed since then already…! Sorry.)




I’m especially looking forward to the stage design in this show, as Peter Davison is working again for the VBW – I absolutely loved his work for “Rebecca”, the most gorgeous stage design I’ve seen so far.

After the presentation we could take some group-photos and interviews were given, as usual.


As you’ve probably heard everything about the cast of the show everywhere else in between anyway, I just post my pictures here. 😉 Enjoy!

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“Der Hofnarr”, Asparn – and soon at the Wiener Metropol

September 8, 2013

I’ve always wanted to be a dresser in a musical, as I just loooove costumes! And theatre. Somehow photography got into my way and I chose to do theatre photography and portrait actors for a living. Nevertheless I’ve made my dream come true when I worked as a dresser in a musical called “Laura”; some years later I met Richard Panzenböck (a funny and very talented person in all kind of things) who was looking for someone to help at “KidsTV”, that led to another phantastic job – working in the artist’s dressing room at the musical “Charleys Tante” at the “Wiener Metropol” (my name is even in the official programme! *chuckle*) And as expected – I loved it!! Washing, ironing, repairing and putting the costumes in place, taking care that every actor is back on stage in time with every part of the costume, being there if someone needs help during a quick costume change, sometimes there are only a few seconds which means standing right next to the stage. Exciting!!

So I just couldn’t resist agreeing to work, when additional help for the last two shows was needed in Asparn this summer. During one show my lovely colleague explained everything to me, the next evening I tried to do most of the tasks myself under Claudias supervision, and I worked on my own for the last two shows. Exciting!!! Again!! :-) I just love that job! Thanks to the supercool team, I’ve had such a great time there!

Now more about the show! I worked at the “Filmhof Wein4tel”, this year they showed “Der Hofnarr”, a new musical (Music: Christian Deix) directed by Viktoria Schubert, based on an obviously very famous movie with Danny Kaye I still haven’t seen, but must be very funny. For those who haven’t watched the show in Asparn – there’s good news! “Der Hofnarr” will be played again in February, April and May at the “Wiener Metropol”, premiere is on February 11th, 2014. Tickets can be booked HERE.

The Cast: Alexander Jagsch, Miriam Mayr, Wolfgang Klivana, Pia Strauss, Christof Messner, Doris Hindinger, Georg Leskovich, Christian Deix, Otto Jaus, Olivier Lendl, Thomas Dapoz, Horst von Rothmar, Anna Schober.

The costumes (by Inge Stolterfoht) and make-up/hair (Karo Hatzl, Katharina Martini) is awesome and actors are perfectly casted! As I’m still a photographer (haha, if you  give me a job as a dresser you might get professional pictures along with it ;-) ) I totally couldn’t resist and talked to actor Georg Leskovich who had one of the most extraordinary costumes, so we decided that I should take my camera and a transportable flashlight (Speedlight), tripod and a small softbox with me, in case there’s some time left during the break.

IMG_7628bGeorg Leskovich: “Sir Griswold”


IMG_7647swGeorg Leskovich: “Henker”

Well, I had to do some urgent repairing, opening/closing some costumes as usually, but one can do a lot during a 20-minutes-break! :-) Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to take photos of everyone and the same kind of light doesn’t always work out with everyone, but there was simply not enough time for fine-tuning, I just want you to know that  the kind of lightsource I took with me was actually planned for Georg’s photos and worked amazing with his pictures and the background.

IMG_7674bAlexander Jagsch: “Hubert Hawkings”

IMG_7665bChristian Deix

IMG_7638bChristian Deix “Sir Christian”

IMG_7692swChristof Messner: “Lord Ravenhurst”

IMG_7669bOtto Jaus, Miriam Mayr: “Ritter”, “Captain Jean”

IMG_7657bThomas Dapoz: “Ritter”

IMG_7679bMiriam Mayr, Alexander Jagsch, Pia Strauss “Prinzessin Gwendolyn”

IMG_7656Wolfgang Klivana “König Roderick I.”

Thanks to everyone who gave me the chance for a few pictures and permission to publish them! And now – enjoy the slideshow below with some more photos! :-)

By the way, the Cast will be the same next year at the “Wiener Metropol”, so you can already look forward to watch these wonderful people on stage (I’m looking forward too, as I couldn’t watch the show so far)!

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Martin Zauner

August 12, 2013

The next day I had the pleasure to take photos of actor Martin Zauner. He is really nice, interesting to talk to, and at the moment you can watch him play in “Cop Stories” every Tuesday on ORF. Martin is also part of the Ensemble in the “Theater in der Josefstadt”.


Martin wanted to take his portraits at the Türkenschanzpark. Still too hot that day… so we walked through this really beautiful park – I admit that I haven’t been there before…too… I really  should know that town much better!

As green trees / grass is not always the most flattering surroundings for portraits we tried to find some different backgrounds too, which was kind of hard as it wasn’t as shady as I would have loved, but Martin stayed patient and walked regardless of the heat through the park with me, where we also used the floor as photo-background. 🙂


Enjoy the photos in the slideshow below!

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Living Music – Nicole & Dominik

August 12, 2013

Another too-hot-for-photos-day this summer… Nevertheless Nicole and Dominik booked an outdoor-shoot, so we went to the Wilhelminenberg. Another good thing of shooting on customer-chosen locations: Getting to know Vienna better. 😉

And another thing of taking pictures of musicians is getting to hear them sing and play – I’ll always love that! 🙂


Nicole and Dominik needed pictures for their new website (I’ll post the link as soon as it’s online and on my facebook-page as well) as they are performing as “Living Music” on weddings and other occasions where’s live music needed.


Always a challenge to take photos of singing people. Nicole is pretty anyways; her movements and expressions worked very well, but Dominik seems to be very concentrated while playing the guitar. 😉 But they are a lovely couple. 😉



After we took some portraits and the music-related pictures, they changed their clothes – brave Dominik was wearing a suit without complaining about the heat for a very long time – we found the perfect location and even more important: The perfect light.


Usually I don’t shoot in direct sunlight, but if my customers are ok with it and can make it work to open their eyes enough it can look great, so Dominik and Nicole did a very good job! And I hope you like the result too. Please scroll down to see a slideshow of more pictures!

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Leonie-Carolina Adam

July 29, 2013


Definitely TOO hot outside!
Anyway Leonie-Carolina Adam was brave enough to book a photoshoot, so we walked through the 1st district to take some photos! She did a very good job with not sweating (saved lots of time for retouching *g*),  and is a photogenic, beautiful girl with great eyecolor and amazing hair (oh, I wish I’d have her hair!!). We found some nice places for pictures – please scroll down to see our work!

Leonie-Carolina seems to be very talented, as she is only 19 and already passed the official actors examination, so I’m curious to see her sing and play and dance too! It was a great time shooting with her, her own website will be online again in autumn, I hope I remember posting the link here – in between please enjoy the photos below!

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July 16, 2013

Not much time for blogging, lately… Though here’s a short one with photos of another job I did in April this year, sorry it took a while.

I already had the pleasure to take pictures several times of this growing family. Jana (the wonderful German voice in many Disney-movies – like “Belle” in “Die Schöne und das Biest”, “Däumeline”, “Anastasia” just to name a few, also playing in many many musicals) and Dean (“Biest” in “Die Schöne und das Biest”, “Vince Fontaine” in “Grease” and many more shows, soon can be seen in “Catch Me If You Can”, right now he’s playing in “Der Besuch der alten Dame”, Thun, CH) currently have two lovely children, quite active ones, so in comparison to photographing grown-ups a lot more exhausting (for me), but always lots of fun. 🙂


Jana and Dean found a very nice corner close to the window in their flat, but I still needed my studio lights as it was very cloudy and rather dark outside that day – and of course very helpful to catch the kid’s movements. 😉 Jana and Dean did a very good job to keep the two girls at it, although some tears were involved when both wanted to have the same toy – awesome moment to catch shortly before that happened, have a close look on this photo! 🙂


Thanks again to Jana and Dean for letting me in to their private life. A wonderful example for how family should be!
Please scroll down to see a slideshow of more pictures, I hope you like them too!

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Marion Rottenhofer

May 14, 2013


In April I had the pleasure to meet actress Marion Rottenhofer, a beautiful woman! If you want to find out more about Marion, please have a look at her Website.


Unfortunately the weather was too bad to shoot outdoors, so we had to find a location indoors, and as Marion was rehearsing for “Die Zofen”, a play in “Neue Tribüne Wien” we got the chance to take photos there.


Wonderful idea; I always love to shoot in theatres, as it combines my two favourite things! 🙂
We found nice backgrounds for portraits, but have a look yourself!

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