Adrian Cunescu

July 18, 2011

Now, as promised, a second blogpost – the follow-up shooting with Adrian Cunescu after having taken photos of Nicola Gravante with pointe shoes. As the ad agency wanted other nude photos than those combined with dance photography, and I didn’t want to cancel the shoot with Adrian on short notice (and because I just looove dance photography) we decided to take some dancing photos anyway, but dressed. 😉 I’m very happy Adrian offered to sacrifice his first day off after two months! He’s a really nice guy and did a very good job although he must have been very exhausted because of all the rehearsals and shows at the “Volksoper” where he is dancing, AND although one of his legs was injured. Nevertheless he borrowed pointe shoes, squeezed in there and did some wonderful poses and jumps for the photos. Thanks Adrian! What a pleasure, such beauty! Just have a look at the slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you want to see more of my dance photography, please also visit my website: http://www.isabell-schatz.com/dance.html


One comment

  1. This is amazing…. in all my years of dance, this is a FIRST! Beautiful body… beautiful form… beautiful photography! I have to say though… I prefer male dancers barefoot!

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